15 New Ways To Wear Pink Hair Color


When it comes to hair color, many people are thinking pink. That's because there are so many options for pink hair color nowadays. You can choose a subtle touch of pink hair color, a blend of pink hair color combined with other shades, a full-throttle pink hair color or a sophisticated metallic pink hair color. And thanks to new products like Matrix SOCOLOR cult, your pink hair color choice can be temporary or permanent. So if pink hair color is in your future, go ahead and express yourself. There are many choices!

Hair Color Credit: @aquirolando

Look closely at this creative, pink hair color and you’ll see it’s a unique balayage using a mix of magenta and rose gold shades. With pink hair color, there’s no limit to the effects that can be created!

He-Pink Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @constancerobbins

Who says guys can’t rock pink hair color? With a fierce undercut and seamless pink hair color on the longer sections, this hair color works for guys with major style confidence!

Pink Diamond Hair Color


Shine bright like a diamond with pink hair color that is rich at the roots and gradually melts into gleaming, metallic pink on the middle sections and ends. If pink hair color was a natural shade, this is what it would look like!

Pink Steel Ombré Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @sydneyannlopezhair

A little bit tender, a little bit tough. Pink hair color doesn’t always have to be soft. Here, it’s an assertive accent for cool brunette hair color—business on top and party on the ends!

Bold Rose Gold Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @amybcolor

A warm, sparkling rose gold hair color is a flattering choice for anyone with a warmer complexion. It’s also a grown-up version of pink hair color, and it works beautifully with any brunette base hair color.

Triple Berry Pink Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @coryhoffmanhair

Pink hair color definitely plays well with others! This season, it’s hanging out with its friends lilac and orchid, to produce intriguing blends of berry-licious hair color!

Tropical Fusion Hair Color


This is pink hair color taken to the limits. Combined with lagoon blue, parrot green and banana yellow, it adds up to a riotous swirl of intense, tropical-inspired color.

Vintage Pink Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @carocoloriste

A soft, sepia-infused pink, blended delicately with pale mint green and muted lilac, creates a quiet hair color that evokes the hues of the past. It’s a hair color design that takes pink to a whole new level!

Beige Pink Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @caitlintyczka

Cool, shimmering tones of beige blond and metallic pink turn this ombré hair color into something truly special. To keep hair shiny, work in a hair oil treatment before bed and twist your hair into a loose topknot. In the morning it will be soft, supple and lustrous!



If you’re toying with the notion of trying pink hair color, here are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll want to be sure the pink you choose works with your complexion. So if your skin is cool, your pink hair color should be a cool pastel pink; if it’s warm, opt for a peachy pink or rose gold hair color.

Creating pink hair color requires several steps, including lightening your hair before depositing the pink hair color, so don’t go pink unless your hair is in excellent condition. Adding a bond restoring product to your hair color formulas will definitely help keep your hair healthy.

Finally, to maintain pink hair color, you’ll want to shampoo with color-safe, gentle formulas, condition your hair frequently and return to the salon for color refreshing on a regular basis.


Neopolitan Hair Color

Hair Color Credit: @constancerobbins

Milk chocolate and strawberry add up to a delicious hair color confection. Style your hair in bombshell waves, using a heat protection spray, to put your strawberry pink hair color in the spotlight.

Pink and Lilac Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @sydneyannlopezhair

This is the “it” combo of the season. Delicate strands of pastel pink and lilac evoke the irresistible hues of French macarons. What a chic upgrade for a lived-in lob!

Boy Or Girl Pink Hair Color


Could you see this at a gender reveal party? Flip to the blue side and it’s a boy, flip to the pale pink side and she’s having a girl. And the best possible reveal? Twins!

Chocolate Raspberry Pink Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @frances_hairartist

Pink hair color isn’t just for blondes. Adding flirty pink accent pieces to a rich brunette base is the best way to have it all.

Cotton Candy Pink Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @saripaints

This pink hair color is a celebration of everything that is light, fluffy and fun! Look closely and you’ll see a blend of pink hair colors, from powder pink to deeper pink, which makes the color look rich and dimensional.

Fairytale Pink Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @kittylane

Once upon a time there was a fairy princess with beautiful pink hair. Opt for this deep, vivid pink hair color and that princess is you!

Fuschia Balayage Hair Color