How to Master the 4 Must-Have Hair Styles of Spring


Hair style trends come and go, and this spring four key hair looks are edging ahead of the pack. The overall hair style theme is “updated hair classics” and when you review the looks, you’ll understand why:

The right hair styling products and techniques are essential for successful renditions of these spring hair styles. Here are tips and tricks to master each of the four must-have hair styles of spring!

The “3-Day Blow-Out” – Volumizing Hair Blow-Out

Inspired by the larger-than-life hair blowouts of the ‘80s, and ready for a return to glamorous hair, more and more trendsetters are embracing lush, lavish, polished hair styles. There are three goals for a big, beautiful blowout: lots of volume, smooth texture without a trace of frizz and major hair style longevity.

1. Prepare a styling cocktail of smoothing hair cream and booster product, and apply to the scalp area of damp hair.

2.Then work a  volume-building hair mousse from roots to ends.

3.Comb hair through with a wide-tooth comb to distribute evenly.

4.Section the hair from ear to ear and clip away the top of the hair.

5.Divide the hair into 1-inch vertical sections.

6.Using the hair nozzle attachment on your blow dryer to smooth the hair, lift the first hair section with a large round hair brush, and dry the root area. Then roll the section up and down around the hair brush while drying the hair.

7.Complete the bottom hair section. Release the top, divide it in half once more and clip away the top of the hair.

8.Continue drying the center sections of the hair with the hair round brush.

9.Release the top of the hair. Divide the hair into 1-inch sections. Lift each hair section up and over to the opposite side as you wind it around the hair brush.  Allow the hair to flip over until it cools

10.Once the hair is cool, flip the head upside down and rake through hair with your fingers.

11.Mist the roots of your hair with a volumizing hair spray.

12.Run a shine-enhancing hair serum through the ends of hair.

Sexy Wind-Tossed Beach Hair Waves

Spring fashion’s florals and delicate blush tones call for romantic, textured spring hair. Sexy, messy beach hair waves fit the bill! Loose or polished, nothing is more feminine than bouncy hair waves!

1.Apply a smoothing hair cream to damp hair and hair with your fingers to encourage natural hair texture.

2.Once hair is dry, divide it into vertical subsections.

3.Mist each subsection of your hair with a thermal styling hair spray and wind the hair around a curling iron, twisting as you coil it around the hair barrel.

4.Direct all hair sections away from the face.

5.Allow the hair to heat thoroughly before releasing it from the hair iron.

6.Set the entire head of hair on the curling iron. A smaller curling iron will produce a tighter hair wave; a larger hair iron will create a looser hair wave.

7.Once hair is twisted and cool, gently rake through hair with fingers.

8.Mist hair midlengths and ends with a texturizing hair finishing spray, squeezing and tousling the hair to encourage texture formation.

Beach Wave Hair Hack: If time is short try this!

1.Apply smoothing hair cream to damp hair.

2.Distribute the hair cream with an oval hair styling brush.

3.Twist hair into a high hair bun and secure with hairpins.

4.Dry hair with a hair diffuser, or air dry.

5.Release the hair pins and if necessary, define a few random hair strands with a curling iron.


Lazy Hair Waves For Medium Length Hair

It Girls everywhere are embellishing their medium length hair style cuts with barely there, lived-in hair waves that provide panache, as well as the perfect canvas for their balayage blonde spring highlights. Use a flat iron rather than a round curling iron to create this modern wave on hair.

1.Apply hair volumizing hair spray to dry hair.

2.Comb hair through to distribute the hairspray and detangle hair.

3.Section off the bottom third of your hair if it’s thick; the bottom half if hair is fine.

4.Use hair clips to pin away the top of hair.

5.Starting on one side of hair, behind the ear, create a 1-inch hair subsection.

6.“Warm up” the hair section by running a flat iron from scalp to ends of hair.

7.Insert the flat iron at the hair scalp and wind the hair section around the iron, away from your face.

8.Release the hair and continue around your head.

9.As you wind the hair, randomly switch up the hair curl direction from section-to-section. Wind some hair sections away from your face and some toward your face.

10.Release the middle hair section and repeat.

11.Divide the top hair section in half—front and back.

12.Use a hair clip to pin the front and curl the back of your hair as before. Direct the hair sections next to your face away from your face.

13.Release the front hair section.

14.Create your normal hair part.

15.Continue dividing the hair into 1-inch sections and curl hair. Wind the face-frame sections of your hair away from your face and alternate the rest of your hair forward and back.

16.Let each squiggly hair curl cool completely.

17.Begin to gently separate hair curls with your fingers. Then rake through hair to blend the curls.

18.Mist hair with salt-infused texturizing hairspray and tousle the hair product in with your fingers.


The Rock Chick Chic Hair Shag

The iconic hair shape of the ‘70s (Mick Jagger, Pat Benatar) is reimagined this spring with longer hair, more blended layers than the original hair cut and the same rebelliously sexy vibe.

Texture is essential to bring this heavily-layered haircut to life!

1.Prep damp hair with a hair gel

2.Comb through hair with a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly.

3.Divide your hair with zig-zag partings into 6 to 12 square sections, depending on the density of your hair. (Create more sections for long, thick hair; fewer sections for short and/or finer hair.)

4.Lift the hair in each section and twist it tightly to form a tiny hair bun.

5.Pin the hair buns at the base with hair pins.

6.Set each section in this way, and use a hair diffuser attachment on a blow dryer to dry your hair. Or, let hair dry naturally.

7.Once hair is dry, release the hair buns and break up the waves using your fingers.

8.Spritz midlengths and ends of hair with a salt-infused texturizing hairspray. Scrunch the hairspray into the hair with your hands.