Never Over Tone Your Clients’ Hair Again – New Tonal Control!  

The fear is REAL – checking your toner 50 times because it’s turning dark and “scary” right after you apply, or even rinsing “too early” and seeing that you haven’t toned enough… we’ve all been there.

Finally, you can kiss that fear goodbye and take control of your clients’ tone with new Tonal Control Pre-Bonded, our first acidic gel-cream toners with Real-Time Visible Oxidation, so you never over tone a client again! 

Matrix has reinvented the acidic demi-permanent game. With Real-Time Visible Oxidation, Tonal Control gradually and consistently deepens as it oxidizes throughout the 20-minute processing time, so you know precisely when to rinse!

To make formulating even easier and more predictable, Tonal Control’s color coding represents the dominant reflect of each shade! For example, when you’re looking for 9V Iced Out, you’ll know to reach for one of the purple boxes. The actual formula itself is also color-coded, so 9V Iced Out will look purple in the bowl, and 9AA Silver Standout will look blue – this is key for when you have multiple bowls of color lined up and great for doing strategic and creative placement on head – but don’t worry, the color-coding is just a cosmetic, visual cue and NOT a direct dye by any means!

Most importantly, Tonal Control delivers long-lasting, multi-dimensional results with high-shine and healthy conditioning. Tonal Control is also acidic, making it ideal for toning and glossing pre-lightened hair with zero lift! Even better, thanks to the bonder inside each shade, you’re protecting your clients’ hair while coloring!

Did we mention it comes in a 3-ounce tube so you have more color to tone clients with longer hair? And more color means more money!

Earn up to $16K more per year with Tonal Control by offering a new “Bonded Gloss” add-on service using Totally Transparent as a clear gloss to add healthy-looking shine to all hair types in only 20 minutes! You can promote this as a quick add-on service for your existing cut and gray coverage clients looking for gorgeous shine or an illuminating refresh. If you do just one Bonded Gloss service per day at a $45 service price, you can earn up to $16K more a year!

Check out Tonal Control in action and watch Matrix Artist Eric Vaughn create a halo face frame using Matrix High Riser Pre-Bonded and Tonal Control Pre-Bonded in 9V Iced Out: