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The Vavoom exclusive blend of unique botanicals and the latest technologies creates gentle, high-performing formulas to enhance the beauty of every hair type.

Mega Hold Non Aerosol Fixing Spray

Extra strong hold instantly locks in volume, texture and lift .

Take Me Higher Root Riser

Medium hold with instant pick up, full support and touchable texture.

Total Results

Total Results, a compact yet complete in-salon and at-home hair care and styling system for every hair challenge.

Color Obsessed Miracles Treat 12

Maximizes natural body, tames frizz, smoothes and tames hair and helps restore shine.

Hello Blondie Conditioner

Conditions to soften and detangle hair for an enhanced brilliant shine.

Hello Blondie Flash Filler

Fills in porous hair fiber with every use, to fortify and maintain brightness of blonde hair.

Hello Blondie Shampoo

Cleanses to soften and detangle hair for an enhanced brilliant shine.

Rock It Texture Conditioner

Conditions to help boost structure to short and wavy hair for style definition.

Rock It Texture Sea Salt Spray

Adds body and definition for perfectly tousled, defrizzed waves.

Rock It Texture Shampoo

Cleanses to boost structure to short and wavy hair for style definition.

So Long Damage Iron Tamer

Protect hair against high heat damage for an easier, gentler heat styling process.

The Re-Bond Shampoo

Cleanses product build-up, priming hair for deep repair.

The Re-Bond Pre-Conditioner

Re-connects & re-inforces weakened bonds to build resilience and shine.

The Re-Bond Conditioner

Seals in moisture and protects hair from the inside-out.


Your link to total styling freedom

Air Dry Chill BoHo Smoothing Air-Dry Cream

Escape the heat. New air dry formulas for easy undone looks. Smooth flyaways for a lightweight, frizz controlled finish!

Air Dry Twisted BoHo Curl Defining Air-Dry Cream

Escape the heat. New air dry formulas for easy undone looks. Define curls for a frizz controlled finish.

Air Dry Wild BoHo Texturizing Air-Dry Cream

Effortlessly, tousled looks that are faster and easier

Blowout Big Queen Volumizing Blowout Cream

Provides amped up volume and body

Blowout Curvy Queen Curl Creating Blowout Cream

Blowout Cream for curl activation and retention

Blowout Skinny Queen Smoothing Blowout Cream

Delivers silky smooth with movement

Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam

Lightweight separation and reworkable body for a tousled look. Dry texture foam.

Grip Definer Texture Cream

Lightweight grip for perfectly undone hair. Texture cream

Mineral Booster

Customizable amount of texture. Texture booster.

Play Back Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo. Refreshes your hair by absorbing oil and impurities.

Rough Me Up Salt Infused Spray

Salt-infused spray. Lightweight grip for perfectly undone hair.

Turbo Dryer

Fast drying agents in this blow dry spray tame frizz and fly aways while prepping for any smooth style.

Oil Wonders

Unleash the wonders of ancient civilizations to nourish, strengthen, control and protect with Oil Wonders hair care products.

Amazonian MuruMuru

Controls and tames rebelious, frizzy hair to provide smoothness while enhancing softness and shine.

Egyptian Hibiscus

Restores vibrancy to color-treated hair while providing softness and shine.

Flash Blow Dry Oil

Gives your hair a perfectly polished look with enhanced shine and suppleness.

Indian Amla

Renews fragile, weakened hair for restored strength while enhancing softness and shine.

Micro-Oil Shampoo

Cleansing and nourishment while providing softness and shine. Contains argan oil.

Oil Conditioner

Conditioning (with argan oil) while restoring manageability for touchable softness and shine.

Shaping Oil Cream

Nourishes and shapes hair in one step for enhanced softness and shine, with natural movement and definition.

Volume Rose Finishing spray

Provides continuous lift, all-over volume and shine

Volume Rose Conditioner

Volume conditioner that penetrates 2X deeper for petal soft nourishment.

Volume Rose Mousse

Provdes a light, nourished light and hold for supple volume

Volume Rose Pre-Shampoo Treatment For Fine Hair

Provides dedicated nourishment to damaged strands to help reduce breakage of fine hair.

Volume Rose Shampoo

Volumizing shampoo that removes build-up.

Sharp Cut Oil

Lightweight conditioning during hair cut to nourish fiber while providing great slip for a sharp cut.