Blonde Hair Color

Flaxen, icy, golden and buttery gorgeousness. Find your next shade of blonde.

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Brown Hair Color

Sexy, sophisticated, elegant and chic. Brown hair colors are endless—from sandy brown to espresso, from golden brown to plum brown. Just take your pick.

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Red Hair Color

These hues are fire. If you thought red hair color wasn’t for you, think again. From spicy to rich there’s a red for everyone.

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Balayage & Ombre Hair Color

Explore today’s most artistic hair colors. No matter what your hair color shade, there’s a balayage or ombré look for you.

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Hair Highlights

Streaks of light. From babylights to balayage there are tons of ways to enhance your hue with lighter tones.

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Hair Color Trends

Hair meets rainbow. If pink is your color, order it up. Love lilac or mint green? Go ahead and express yourself.

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How To Choose The Best Shampoo For Your Color-Treated Hair

Hair color options today are endless. Think every combination of every color of the rainbow—that’s how endless your hair color choices have become. And happily, when it comes to shampoo for your gorgeous hair color—whether you sport sun-kissed, blonde highlights; an unforgettable violet ombré or an on-trend brown rose gold—you also have an array of color-coddling cleansing formulas to choose from. Struggling to pick the best shampoo for your color-treated hair? Here’s a comprehensive guide from the pros at Matrix!

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hair color ideas for the new year

16 Hair Color Ideas For The New Year

New year, new you. What better way to kick off 2019 than with a hair color change? The great thing about hair color these days is you can do a little, or you can do a lot, depending on where your mood takes you. Whether you’re dreaming of some trendy balayage highlights, a purple hair extravaganza or a striking red hair design, here are 16 hair color ideas that can transform your natural blonde hair or brown hair into something truly special. There’s something new for every month of the year!

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