Dry Hair

Explore Matrix's uniquely formulated professional hair care products for dry hair types.

Matrix-2022-Instacure-Shampoo-EU-300ml-Front Matrix-2022-Instacure-Shampoo-EU-300ml-Front

Instacure Anti-Breakage Shampoo

Instacure shampoo infused with Liquid Proteins, helps repair strength to reduce breakage in dry, brittle, and damaged hair

Matrix-2021-Instacure-Conditioner-300ml-Front Matrix-2021-Instacure-Conditioner-300ml-Front

Instacure Anti-Breakage Conditioner​

Instacure Conditioner infused with Liquid Proteins, nourishes hair and helps repair strength to reduce breakage in dry, brittle, and damaged hair.

Matrix-2021-Instacure-Porosity-Spray-Front Matrix-2021-Instacure-Porosity-Spray-Front

Instacure Anti-Breakage Porosity Spray

<span>Infused with liquid protein + B5, fills in porosity &amp; visibly reduces split ends, while conditions over-porous hair, smooths cuticle, controls static &amp; frizz</span>

Matrix-2021-Instacure-Tension-Reliever-Front Matrix-2021-Instacure-Tension-Reliever-Front

Instacure Tension Reliever

Scalp ease serum for damaged hair

ACCD CoWash 1 ACCD CoWash 1

A Curl Can Dream Co-Wash

Nourishes and moisturizes dry hair.

ACCD Cream 1 ACCD Cream 1

A Curl Can Dream Moisturizing Cream

This leave-in cream that provides moisture and definition, without flaking or crunch.

Matrix-2021-NA-Total-Results-A-Curl-Can-Dream-Oil-131ml-Front-Shadow-900x900 Matrix-2021-NA-Total-Results-A-Curl-Can-Dream-Oil-131ml-Front-Shadow-900x900

A Curl Can Dream Lightweight Oil

This is the perfect finisher to separate out curls and add shine.

Matrix-2021-NA-Total-Results-A-Curl-Can-Dream-Gel-200ml-Front-Shadow Matrix-2021-NA-Total-Results-A-Curl-Can-Dream-Gel-200ml-Front-Shadow

A Curl Can Dream Light Hold Gel

A Curl Can Dream Light-Hold Gel for curls and coils, infused with Manuka honey extract.

Matrix-2021-NA-Total-Results-A-Curl-Can-Dream-Mask-280ml-Front-Shadow-300x852 Matrix-2021-NA-Total-Results-A-Curl-Can-Dream-Mask-280ml-Front-Shadow-300x852

A Curl Can Dream Rich Mask

A deep hydrating mask that preserves curls and coils.

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