Matrix Styling Products

Setter-Mousse-Front-RGB Setter-Mousse-Front-RGB

Setter Mousse

Weightless foam for volumizing lift and shine

Styling-NA-EU-Over-Achiever-50ml-Side-RBG Styling-NA-EU-Over-Achiever-50ml-Side-RBG

Over Achiever 3-in-1

Cream paste wax for structuring and smoothing

Styling-NA-EU-Refresher-Dry-Shampool-Front-RGB Styling-NA-EU-Refresher-Dry-Shampool-Front-RGB

Refresher Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo for refreshing and restyling

Styling-EU-Fixer-Hairspray-Front-RGB Styling-EU-Fixer-Hairspray-Front-RGB

Fixer Hairspray

Provides continuous lift, fullness and volume to any style while making strands shinier. Has all-day humidity resistant to keep frizz under control

Styling-NAa-EU-Controller-Gel-Front-RGB Styling-NAa-EU-Controller-Gel-Front-RGB

Controller Gel

Strong hold gel for defining and sculpting

Styling-EU-Builder-Wax-Spray-Front-RGB Styling-EU-Builder-Wax-Spray-Front-RGB

Builder Wax Spray

Aerosol wax with a satin-matte finish. Spray on to control and finish your style

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