Hair Color Trends

Hair meets rainbow. If pink is your color, order it up. Love lilac or mint green? Go ahead and express yourself.

Metallic Hair Color

Metallic hair color is bolder than pastels but subtler than vibrant hair color. The hallmark of modern metallics is the shine, which reflects a spectrum of iridescent tones. Right now, metallic versions of stainless steel, platinum grey and rose gold are in demand among the fashion forward, but nearly any shade can take on a metallic sheen.

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Pastel Hair Color

Delicate and sweet, pastel hair colors whisper rather than shout, but they still make a mighty impact on your style. Trending now? French macaron hues like pistachio, lilac, buttercup and carnation. Choose one or combine several pastel hair color shades for an on-trend blend.

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Vibrant Hair Color

Baby you’re a firework, and your hair color expresses your flamboyant spirit. Lucky for you the range of vibrant hair color options is endless—from fuchsia to electric purple to emerald green. For best results, the rules of harmony still apply, so choose a vivid hair color that flatters your complexion and eye color.

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Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair color is one of the most versatile blondes—it can skew toward a peachier warm tone, or a cooler rose tone, which means there’s a rose gold for everyone. The newest rose gold trend features a cool, sophisticated metallic finish that casts a myriad of reflective tones.

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Blue Black Hair

Ribbons of deep blue create a satiny, jewel-box effect when nestled in jet black hair. If you’re looking for a combination that’s more Bohemian than elegant, try a denim blue ombré that evolves from dark wash on top to stone wash on the ends.

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