Blonde Hair Color

Flaxen, icy, golden and buttery gorgeousness. Find your next shade of blonde.

Ash Blonde Hair

Ash or beige blonde is the uptown version of blonde hair—it’s cool, even and polished. Consider adding a few lighter, milky highlights to your ash blonde hair—this will create beautiful dimension and cast a flattering light on your skin. The café au lait look of highlighted ash blonde hair is one of the most elegant combinations in the blonde spectrum.

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Dirty Blonde Hair

The name is misleading—this dark, ashy blonde hair color is actually a soft and flattering hue. Think of a silky fawn that can blend into its surroundings or reflect the sunlight. Dirty blonde hair loves highlights—you only need a few to enhance the color you have or change up your hue completely.

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Honey Blonde Hair

Recapture the pure, innocent tones of childhood with a honey blonde shade. Warm highlights woven through golden blonde hair take you back to long summer days when the sun was in charge of streaking your hair. Honey highlights look most natural when placed exactly where the sun would do its work—around your face and radiating out from your part.

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Platinum Blonde Hair

Nothing makes a statement like platinum blonde hair. It requires more maintenance than most blonde hair color, but if you’re in, you’ll never fade into a crowd. Make your platinum blonde hair color your own with a wash of icy silver, pale blue, rosé, lilac, peach or even pistachio.

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Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair color is one of the most versatile blondes—it can skew toward a peachier warm tone, or a cooler rose tone, which means there’s a rose gold for everyone. The newest rose gold trend features a cool, sophisticated metallic finish that casts a myriad of reflective tones.

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Strawberry Blonde Hair

A little bit blonde, a tiny bit red and you have one of the prettiest blonde hair colors in the spectrum. Consider sporting a warm strawberry blonde if you have a fair complexion and green or blue eyes. It’s a fresh twist on warm blonde hair color.

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