7 Hair Colors Inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue


Keep calm everyone. The Pantone Institute has named Classic Blue the 2020 Color of the Year because they say the hue instills calm, confidence and connection-and who couldn't do with a healthy helping of all of those 'round about now? Stand by to experience this soothing, classic shade in everything from kitchen appliances to throw pillows to eyeshadow and of course, hair color. To kick off living your best blue life, here are eight blue hair color designs that tap into the many nuances of the foundational color.

Caribbean Blue Hair


If that island cruise isn’t in the budget this year, here’s the next best thing. An interplay of turquoise and ocean blue hues evoke the cool vibe of a Bahamian beach. Just add flip flops and sunscreen.


“Frozen” Ombrè


Think Elsa with an edge. Streaks of icy blue embedded in a frosty blonde base fulfills every girl’s “Frozen” fantasy. Hair stylist Jill Rae Bogers reveals this design was created for a young client in her first year of middle school, who also requested the glassy-straight blowout. Keep colored hair protected while blow drying with a heat-buffering cream.


Neon Blue Hair


Some people need something extra with their cool blue hues. This shade does the trick—it electrifies a classic navy blue. Keep your hair color looking rich and vivid using gentle shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair.


Midnight Blue Hair


Good night! This deep blue with an inky base melt is just the drama that’s called for on cold winter nights. A dark shade like this is also a great option for blonde hair that needs a break from lighteners for a while. Ammonia-free, deposit-only hair color formulas add depth and shine without damage.


Marine Blue


Make a statement with a combination of sea-worthy shades that are confident yet calm. To keep hair colors like this vibrant for as long as possible, reduce the frequency of your shampoos and maintain fresh hair with an oil-absorbing dry shampoo.


Age of Aqua-rius

Hair Color Credit: @elyserox00

Nothing moody about these blues—this aqua blue hair color is uplifting and jolly. To achieve an even, roots-to-ends result like this, your stylist will probably need to lighten your hair as the first step. Talk to her about adding a bond protection and repair formula to your lightener to keep your hair as strong and healthy as possible during and after your hair color service.


Smoky Blue Hair

Hair Color Credit: @_beautynative

For a more grown up take on the trend, ask your stylist to combine tones of smoky grey with your blue hair color. Keep the deeper tones at the base and the brighter blues on the ends to mirror the composition of natural hair color. Undone, organic waves add to the overall sophistication of the vibe.