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7 Cute and Trending Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Boosted in Back Bob

Braid Headband Braid Hairstyle

A sleek, graduated bob that’s slightly shorter in back is a perfect way to frame a beautiful jawline. Amp up the drama of this medium haircut even more with a few delicate balayage highlights, placed on the tips of the hair and around the face. Keep your highlights cool and brass-free with a system featuring blue shampoo that neutralizes unwanted orange tones.

Curly Layers

Side Braid Hairstyle

Naturally curly hair springs to life when it’s cut into long layers that frame the face and reduce bulk at the bottom. “I like to cut curly hair when it’s dry,” says Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor. “It allows me to see the movement in the hair and it prevents me from cutting the hair too short, which can happen when wet hair dries and shrinks.” A center part gives this medium hairstyle Bohemian flair.

Choppy Ends

Boxer Braid Hairstyle

For a laid-back vibe, choppy ends give a medium-length haircut the right amount of careless airiness. A few long layers add even more movement. To encourage maximum body when styling, apply a volumizing mousse or blow dry crème to damp hair before drying. Once hair is dry, mist with sea salt spray to create texture and separation.

Blush Mini Bangs

Double Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Step aside rose gold hair color! This season’s newest version is a delicate, pale rose blush. It’s the perfect marriage between pastel and metallic. Combine rose blush hair color with a sharply-etched, jaw-level bob haircut and adorable mini-bangs and voila! You’ll look and feel as French as any girl strolling le Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris!

Holographic Ribbon Curls

Festival Inspired Braid Hairstyle

Hair Color Credit: @curtiscolorshair

Why wear a medium-length hairstyle when you can sport a colorful work of art? Holographic hair color that would make a unicorn envious looks its very best paired with a bob hairstyle set in lively, ribboned waves. To get the look, mist hair with a heat protection spray and divide it into narrow sections. Clamp each section between the plates of a flat iron and slide the hair through the iron, as if you’re curling a ribbon with a pair of scissors. Once all the hair is set, mist it with texturizing hair spray.

Bouncy Waves

Festival Inspired Braid Hairstyle

The only thing better than a medium length hairstyle is a waved, medium length hairstyle and these waves equal perfection. A tiny bit more polished than the casual beach wave, they’re gently curled from about eye level, all the way to the ends.

Sea Glass Glam

Festival Inspired Braid Hairstyle

Hair Color Credit: @carocoloriste & @al_chabot

Combine the deep wave shape of old Hollywood glamour girls with this alluring, seafoam shade and you wind up with a medium-length hairstyle that’s truly original. Color-wise, the look gains depth and dimension with a deeper, inky shadow root that melts into the lighter mint shades. To create the glamourous wave shape, set hair on a curling iron in horizontal sections. Begin each curl at the temples and continue all the way to the ends. Once hair is cooled and curled, use a wide-tooth comb to blend the hair.


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