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8 Tips on How to Strengthen Weak Hair
7 Hair Style and Hair Color Trends for Summer 2015
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Mixed Media Crimps? Braids? Waves? Can’t decide? Then go right ahead and wear all of these trendy textures at one time! A fat, crimped braid nestled among your buoyant beach waves, for example, emits just the right message of casual creativity. For a totally festival-worthy finish, just top with a flowery wreath. To enhance your texture, try a texturizing spray hat will help form and hold waves and bends. Lazy Buns Save the intricate, ornate upsweeps for the December Snowflake Gala. Right now the main goal is to get that hair up, up and away because it’s hot out there! Just gather it, twist it and pin it! As it happens, casual twists with stray, wispy tendrils tumbling here and there accompanied summer’s trendiest outfits on fashion catwalks, so go for it! If your texture needs beefing up before sweeping up, prep hair with an airy, volumizing mousse( before drying. One fashion trend that’s gathering steam is the influence of ‘70s-style—think wide-leg pants, maxi dresses and peasant tops. This summer, ‘70s looks are also making their way to the top. Among the most notable hair style elements are center parts with feathery, swept-away bangs on each side of the part; layered, midlength haircuts and bouncy, round curls. “Google Donna Summer,” advises Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson, “and check out those big curls and deep finger waves. You'll also notice lots of center parts and triangular silhouettes from that time.” Nick adds, “There’s always the danger of frizz in hot, humid weather, so be sure to prep hair with an anti-humidity cream, oil or serum before drying to lock out the environmental moisture that causes hair to swell.”

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