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Soap up, rinse and dry. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. Those rituals have served as the standards for cleansing your face and your hair for eons, with little change along the way. Until now.

What They Do:

These sonic facial cleansing brushes cleanse 6x better than hands alone.  And they do it with TLC—gently removing dirt, makeup and pollutants, leaving skin smooth, soft, glowing, and clean.

How to Use Them: So simple! 

Step 1:Once or twice a day, wet your face and the brush head with warm water. 

Step 2: Apply your favorite, non-abrasive facial cleanser to damp skin or the cleansing brush head.

Step 3: Switch the brush on, start on your forehead, and gently glide the brush over your skin using a small, circular motion and keeping the brush head flush to your skin (you don’t have to press hard.) 

Pros recommend the following amount of time per facial area (and some brushes are equipped with timers to help you!)

  • Forehead: 20 seconds
  • Nose and chin: 20 seconds
  • Cheeks: 10 seconds each side
  • Step 4: When a minute is up, rinse your face and your brush head with warm water.  Then go ahead and complete your skin care routine! 

    Customizing Secrets: Start with identifying your skin type.  Is it normal, oily, dry, sensitive?  Do you have visible pores?  Once you know the complexion of your complexion, select a cleanser that’s suitable. And then select the right brush head, too!  Because Clarisonic brushes come with interchangeable brush heads that have been developed for various skin types and skin situations.  For example, maybe your normal skin tends to get a bit oilier in the summer.  If that’s the case, simply pop off your everyday brush head and pop on a brush that flushes out dirt and debris and minimizes the appearance of pores.

    Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do… cleanse your cleansing brush under running water to remove dirt or makeup residue after each use.
  • Do…remove the brush head once a week and wash the handle with warm soapy water to remove any residue buildup.
  • Do…choose the right brush head for your skin.  The proper head will not cause irritation or inflammation.
  • Don’t…forget to replace your brush head every three months.  Over time, brush heads experience “bristle fatigue” and become less effective!

    What They Do: Cleansing conditioners

    go on like a conditioner, then five minutes later the unique formula melts into your hair, releasing cleansing agents that trap dirt and whisk it away when you rinse. (If you’re wondering how to spend those five minutes in the shower while the product activates, consider devoting 60 seconds to your waterproof cleansing brush routine!)  These low-lather formulas are fast-rinsing and soap-free, so they won’t strip away excessive amounts of natural oil or send your pricey and precious hair color down the drain.  Afterward, your hair feels clean, plus incredibly soft and manageable.

    How to Use Them: There are lots of options!

    Option 1: You can replace your regular shampoo completely and swap it out for a cleansing conditioner every time you shower. 

    Option 2: You can mix it up and switch off between conventional shampoo and cleansing conditioner. 

    Option 3: Or you can opt for a cleansing conditioner from time to time when your hair needs a shampoo break.  

    Customizing Secrets: “Co-washing” has long been a regular practice among curly-haired girls—it’s a healthy way to cleanse delicate, highly textured strands.  But modern formulas offer a range of options for all hair types. There are conditioning cleansers for curly hair, coarse hair, medium hair and even fine hair . What’s more, today’s state-of-the-art formulas are free of silicones, harsh salts and parabens.

    Which Cleansing Products Are Right For You?

    Use the Matrix.com Consultation Tool to find out which products are the perfect fit for your hair!

    Dos and Don’ts:

    • Don’t…pile and scrub.  Rather than dumping your conditioning cleanser straight onto your head and rubbing away, emulsify the product in your hands first.  Then start at the scalp, working it in with a zig-zag motion to tackle dirt and oil, and gradually work it through the middle and ends of your hair.
    • Do…use a wide tooth comb to help evenly distribute the product after you apply.
    • Do…brush your hair before stepping into the shower.  (Ignore this if you have super curly hair, though!) It’s the first step to dislodging debris and product buildup.
    • Don’t…skimp on product. You’ll need about six pumps if your hair is normal—six to eight pumps if it’s super long or thick—to get the job done!