metallic mauve rose mix metallic hair color
bronzed brilliance metallic hair color
luminous lilac metallic hair color
mauve mystique metallic hair color
pewter melt metallic hair color
radiant rose gold metallic hair color
metallic silver hair color
metallic mauve rose mix metallic hair color

Metallic Hair Color

Hair meets rainbow. If pink is your color, order it up. Love lilac or mint green? Go ahead and express yourself.

Metallic hair color is bolder than pastels but subtler than vibrant hair color. The hallmark of modern metallics is the shine, which reflects a spectrum of iridescent tones. Right now, metallic versions of stainless steel, platinum grey and rose gold are in demand among the fashion forward, but nearly any shade can take on a metallic sheen.

Pro Tip: Protect your trendy hair color from fading too quickly with a leave-in hair treatment that guards against UV and heat damage.

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