Beachside Braid

Check out the Little Black Book of Styling Wedding Edition: Beachside Braid look achievable with Style Link products.
  1. - On damp hair, apply Style Link Airy Builder
    - Blow-dry using a round brush starting at the nape and working up the head.
  2. At top, blow-dry for volume at scalp area twisting and releasing brush at mid- lengths and ends.

  3. - When complete, spray individual sub-sections with Style Link Heat Buffer and using a curling iron direct nape section one way and using a smaller iron in section above, curl in opposite direction.
    - At top, curl away from the face for volume.
  4. - Part hair from ear to ear below crown and secure top
    - Create a loose three strand braid at back while applying Style Link Grip Definer. Secure with elastic band, deconstruct..

  5. - In top section, including sides, divide vertically at back.
    - Separate in two, twist away from the face, loosen, secure with elastic band and pin ends under at center.
    - Maintain height at top. Combine organically into top of braided section.
  6. Loop crown section under to reinforce height, pin and spray with Style Link Style Fixer.