Bohemian Crown Braid

Little Black Book of Styling: Braid look achievable with Style Link products
  1. Create a parting on the right side. Separate out three strands, apply Style Link Smooth Setter.
  2. Begin to create an French braid, starting along the front hairline.
  3. When reaching behind the ear, start taking sections from both top and bottom. 
  4. Continue until reaching the center back and braid through to the ends. Secure with an elastic. Loosen the braid and expand each loop.
  5. On the other side, begin create another French braid at the hairline.
  6. Continue braiding and secure with an elastic.

  7. When complete, crisscross the two braids and pin in place.

  8. Continue to loosen braids for a more “bohemian” look. Spray with  Style Link Style Fixer.