Cascading Curls

Check out the Little Black Book of Styling Wedding Edition: Cascading Curls look achievable with Style Link products.
  1. - Apply Style Link Volume Builder followed by Style Link Blow Out Big Queen on damp hair.
    - Blow-dry with a round brush starting at the nape and working up the head.
  2. - Spray Style Link Heat Buffer on individual sub-sections starting at the nape.
    - Use horizontal sub-sections and a small barrel curling iron, wrapping hair around barrel while holding the ends.
    - Switch to a larger barrel iron at the top using bricklay placements. Pin in place.
  3. - When cool, release and brush through with cushion brush creating wave formation.
    - Apply Style Link Shape Switcher and stretch out to smooth wave.
  4. - Backcomb the front/top section starting at the front and working towards the back.
    - Use a cushion brush to smooth, maintaining volume. Twist and pin at the crown. Spray with Style Link Volume Fixer.