Check out the Little Black Book of Styling Wedding Edition: Classic Chignon look achievable with Style Link products.
  1. - Transition from Cascading Curls by brushing through hair with cushion brush.
    - Separate front from back section using a parting across the top of the head and spray sections with Style Link Heat Buffer.
  2. - Using all hair in the back section, create three ponytails at the nape with bungee elastics.
    - To conceal elastic, wrap hair from underneath around the band and pin to secure. Spray with Style Link Style Fixer.
  3. Backcomb ponytails. Wrap the left ponytail up, around and over the middle ponytail securing at the base of the right ponytail. Repeat on the right side.
  4. Take remaining lengths from ponytails, tie into a knot and direct up and over. Pin in place.
  5. At the front and side sections, direct back gently into the nape using a small amount of Style Link Over Achiever. Pin at back.