Curly Glam Up-Do

Using Curl Please Contouring Lotion, Miss Mess Dry Finishing Spray, High Amplify Proforma Hairspray
  1. Prep hair with Curl Please Contouring Lotion and dry using a diffuser. Next, create a circle sub-section in the crown area.

  2. Next, backcomb gently, all around the base of the section. Spray with Miss Mess Dry Finishing Spray for support. Pull into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.

  3. Once ponytail is secure, divide into three sections. Next, twist each section down to base and secure with bobby pin.

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 in the bottom section as shown.


  5. Moving to the top section and side sections, repeat the steps.


  6. Finish with High Amplify Proforma Hairspray and add any accessories.

    Matrix Artistic Educator: Selina McManus - @_beautynative
    Photographer: Kola Shobo - @ksjpix
    Makeup Artist: Keli Hampton - @kelijenee