Curly Style: Messy Bun

Little Black Book of Styling: Curly Style Messy Bun look achievable with Style Link products
  1. - Transition from BRAIDED LOOK.
    - Release braids.  Create ear to ear parting extending over the top of the head, clip back section for control.
    - Working in the front section, apply Style Link Heat Buffer* to individual sub-sections and flat iron each section until smooth.

    (HACK ICON)* To protect the hair and add slip, spray Style Link Heat Buffer 8-10 inches away from the head—spray both sides of the section.

  2. - Create a bungee with 1 hair elastic and 2 bobby pins. Secure bobby pins on opposite ends of elastic.
    - Isolate the fringe area, and smooth all remaining hair into a ponytail.
    - Secure with bungee by holding the ponytail in one hand, and pinning the bobby pin into the base of the ponytail with the other. Wrap elastic around base until tight and secure the other bobby pin. 
  3. Maintaining volume, gather fringe section back and pin at base with two rows of bobby pins. 
  4. Depending on length of hair, there may be some over-hang. Gently tease the base of the curl or twist loose ends and pin into base.