Men's Style: Man Bun

Check out the Little Black Book of Styling: Man Bun look achievable with Style Link products.
  1. Dry damp hair using your fingers until almost dry.

  2. Apply Style Link Smooth Setter using your fingers to rake through the hair in sections.
  3. Blow-dry using a flat brush for further smoothing.

  4. Complete the entire head. Flat iron if necessary.

  5. Create a part on the left side of the head.

  6. Parallel to the part, create a narrow section that proceeds from narrow to wide, ending at the back crown.
  7. Use a crimping iron to emboss the entire section of hair.

  8. Separate into three strands, apply Style Link Over Achiever to the strands and create a three strand French braid.

  9. Use an elastic to secure.

  10. Brush all hair back and gather at the back, including the braid.

  11. Use elastic, wrap around once and twist, leaving the ends out.

  12. Spray a brush with Style Link Style Fixer and create separation. This technique creates texture and a finish that is not too polished or overdone.