Pull Through Ponytail Braid

Rock this pull through braid hairstyle using Matrix styling and hair care products.
  1. On clean hair, apply Style Link Blowout Big Queen.

  2. Create a ponytail (Ponytail 1) at the top of the head and flip it to the front. Make a second ponytail below the first.

  3. Grab hair on either side of the first section. Bring it towards the back, securing it with a hair elastic. (Ponytail #2). It should be directly below the base of Ponytail #1.

  4. Now, split Ponytail #1 into 2 sections and pull Ponytail #2 straight through the two sections of Ponytail #1.

  5. Create a third ponytail from the sides, direct to the back of the head, and include all the hair from Ponytail 1, secure below base of Ponytail 2.Continue down the head, dividing and looping through each new ponytail.

  6. Spray with Style Link Style Fixer.