Retro Roll Up

Check out the Little Black Book of Styling Wedding Edition: Retro Roll-Up look achievable with Style Link products.
  1. Transition from Sultry Waves by brushing through hair with cushion brush.
  2. At the top section, create a side part and use a large barrel curling iron to establish three large placements directed away from the part.
  3. At the sides, direct two placements away from the face. Continue through crown and back of head.
  4. Using a wide-tooth comb, separate front from back section.

  5. Create a large barrel curl at the crown.

  6. Next, create a ponytail below the crown placement and another one below the first.
  7. Wrap hair around elastics to conceal. Spray with Style Link Volume Fixer. 
  8. Direct lower ponytail under and pin in place. Repeat in ponytail above.
  9. Backcomb the top section and direct over upper ponytail.

  10. Backcomb the side sections and direct upward.

  11. Create a large loop in the top section. Spray with Style Link Style Fixer.