Short Style: Sleek & Polished

Check out the Little Black Book of Styling: Short Style Sleek and Polished look achievable with Style Link products.
  1. Separate out a section at the top.

  2.  At the back and through the sides, spray individual sections with Style Link Heat Buffer and flat iron all sections.
  3. Separate out a narrow section along the front hairline. Spray with Style Link Heat Buffer and flat iron.
  4. The next section is crimped from scalp to 1½ inch down strand and then flat ironed from crimp to ends. 
  5. Continue working back through the section alternating flat ironed sub-section with crimped/flat ironed section.

  6. Spray with Style Link Style Fixer.

  7. Brush sections at the side of the head, spray with Style Link Style Fixer, Work towards front hairline and clip to hold.
  8. Repeat on the other side.

  9. When complete, twist, knot together and pin in place.

  10. Start at the back of the section at the top.

  11. Use a styling brush to backbrush to create an additional cushion for the volume the crimping created. Smooth gently.
  12. Continue to front hairline combining backbrushed sub-sections into a modern pompadour.
  13. Smooth with a brush, maintaining volume and spray with Style Link Style Fixer.