Find out how to achieve the Style Link: Blowout Skinny Queen look using Matrix products!
  1. APPLY
    Apply Skinny Queen to the mid-lengths and through the ends of the hair. Rough dry the hair until 80% dry.
    Create a rectangular section from the recession to the crown. Isolate the section and secure. Create two vertical partings on each side of the head connecting the top section to the top of each ear. The remaining hair is left loose.

    Starting in the nape, take small sub-sections and wrap the hair underneath the cushion/paddle brush. Hold the hair tightly with your thumb. This technique will provide maximum tension which provides a smooth result.
    Hack: Do not over-direct hair when blow-drying as this creates volume.
    Once the root area and mid-lengths are dry, use a flat brush to smooth the ends. Repeat these steps in the side sections.


    In top section, take diagonal forward sub-sections, and continue using maximum tension through the top of the head for a smooth end result.

    Hack: Make sure to point the blow-dryer downward, working to smooth and flatten the cuticle.

  5. CLIP
    Apply a few drops of Style Link Gloss Booster to finish. Create a deep side parting, place a decorative barrette.