Find out how to achieve the Style Link: Blowout Twisted Queen look using Matrix products!
  1. APPLY
    Apply Curvy Queen to the mid-lengths and through the ends
    Create a halo section along the parietal ridge and across the crown and secure. Isolate the section and secure. Create two vertical partings on each side of the head connecting the top section to the top of each ear. The remaining hair is left loose.
  3. DRY
    Starting at the nape, blow-dry in sub-sections holding the round brush vertically, and feeding the hair through the brush.
    Hack: Alternate the direction for each sub-section for a more natural look.
  4. BRUSH
    In side sections, start at the front hairline, hold the brush vertically and blow-dry away from the face.
  5. ZIG ZAG
    In top Section, create two sub-sections with a deep zig zag center parting. Over-direct each sub-section on a diagonal forward parting and blow-dry. Continue throughout the top of the head. Finish with Style Link Style Fixer