Up, Up & Away

Find out how to achieve the Style Link: Up and Away look using Matrix products!
  1. Mix 4 drops of Volume Booster to 1 part Volume Builder, apply on damp hair at the root area. Make the same cocktail and apply through the mid-lengths and ends.

  2. Dry upside down until about 50% dry concentrating on the lengths.

  3. Separate hair into 3 sections, nape, mid and top. Using a large round brush, start in the nape area, drying the root area first by lifting and then round brushing the lengths. Continue through each section.

  4. For maxium volume as you move through section barrel roll the hair up and secure with a set pin. This ensures the volume doesn’t drop as the hair cools.

  5. Finish with Texture Builder through out for airy volume.