Sultry Waves

Check out the Little Black Book of Styling Wedding Edition: Sultry Waves look achievable with Style Link products.
  1. Apply Style Link Blow Out Curvy Queen to damp hair and blow-dry in horizontal sub-sections with a round brush directing under. Pin in place.

  2. Spray Style Link Heat Buffer on individual sub-sections and starting at the nape, curl hair using a narrow barrel curling iron.

  3. When reaching the middle section of the head, switch to a larger barrel iron and pin sections in place.

  4. Continue through side sections

  5. Create a rectangle section at the top of the head.

  6. Establish a side part. To create a wave, direct curl upward at inside edge of rectangle and then continue directing curl placements downward across section.

  7. When cool, brush through. Apply Style Link Over Achiever and separate front from back sections.

  8. At nape area create a three strand braid and push/pull strands. Tuck hair under and pin.

  9. Create a fingerwave originating from side part and use duckbill clips to reinforce ridges.

  10. Spray with Style Link Heat Buffer. Coax all remaining hair throughout back into continuous wave pattern.