Explore the Chicago Updo and learn how to achieve the look with Matrix products.
Chicago Updo
  1. After drying and smoothing hair, create horseshoe shaped parting along the parietal ridge. Divide top section in half. Spray each section with Vavoom ShapeMAKER Shaping Spray then smooth. Using medium barrel curling iron, create two barrel curls on top of head. Pin into place and allow to cool.
  2. Create circular sections at occipital. Twist section to create knot. Pin to secure.
  3. A. Backcomb inside of left section, then smooth surface. Spray with Vavoom ShapeMAKER Shaping Spray. While ‘wet’, use the container to smooth surface.
    B.Backcomb inside of right section, then join with left side at back, covering knot. Continue smoothing surface.
  4. Maintain adequate tension, gently twist both sides together beginning at bottom. Place thumb inside twist and securely pin in place. Create barrel curl using length of hair left out of twist. Secure with pins.
  5. Unclip back barrel curl at top. Maintaining smoothness, release the mid-length and end. Secure base of curl only. Arrange midlengths and ends in graceful coil. Spray, pin to secure.
  6. Release front curl. Divide at center and cross left side over right. Maintain ribbon effect, draping ends around curl in back. Secure and spray if necessary.
  7. Working with right side ‘ribbon’ of hair, drape over top of curl directly behind. Secure and spray with Vavoom Extra-Full Freezing Spray as necessary.