Side Bun

Explore the Side Bun Updo and learn how to achieve the look with Matrix products.
Side Bun
  1. Prep. Cleanse hair with COLORLAST Shampoo. Condition with either the COLORLAST Conditioner or COLORLAST Mask .

  2. Mist with COLORLAST Shine Shake and comb through. Make a deep side part. Blow-dry at the root to create slight volume. For mid-lengths, dry with a round brush.

  3. Starting at the part, section out the front. Gather the rest of the hair into a low side ponytail.

  4. Use the tail of the pony, divide into two sections. Bend the hair to create a curve and pin the ends into the base. Repeat with the 2nd section but twist the other way, pin into base.

  5. Take the front side section and drape over the rest of hair. Direct over the hair tie to cover, pin and loop back over the chignon to secure. Finish with Biolage Styling Freeze Fix Hairspray.