Inside Out Mohawk Dutch Braid

Step 1:

Apply Style Link Smooth Setter to damp hair. Blow-dry for volume.

Step 2:

Create a Mohawk section at the top of the head, extending to the crown.

Step 3:

Within the section, apply a small amount of Style Link Grip Definer. Create a wide Dutch braid (a French braid with pieces crossed under, not over) ending at the crown. Conceal elastic with hair looped around the band.

Step 4:

Use a curling iron to wave remaining hair into loose pattern.

Step 5:

Spray with Style Link Texture Builder.


Smooth Setter Smoothing Cream
Delivers a smooth, satin finish and does not weigh down hair for natural movement.

Grip Definer Texture Cream
Lightweight grip for perfectly undone hair. Texture cream

Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray
Finish and hold with an airy texture that allows targeted action to hold volumpe and windswept looks.

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