Twisted Fishtail Braid

Step 1:

Apply Style Link Rough Me Up to damp hair and diffuse to dry.

Step 2:

Separate hair into two sections, top and bottom.

Step 3:

Twist the side sections and direct them toward the back. Pin in place.

Step 4:

With the long lengths from the sides, divide in two equal sections. Take a small piece of hair from the left side of the left section and cross it over the right side.

Step 5:

Repeat on the right side. Take a small piece of hair from the right side of the right section and cross it over the left section.

Step 6:

Repeat all the way down. Embellish with rings as you go.

Step 7:

Use a curling iron to wave the bottom section and spray with Style Link Texture Builder and separate bottom in pieces.


Rough Me Up Salt Infused Spray
Salt-infused spray. Lightweight grip for perfectly undone hair.

Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray
Finish and hold with an airy texture that allows targeted action to hold volumpe and windswept looks.

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