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Curly Style: Sleek & Polished


Step 1:

  • Transition from MESSY BUN.
  • Apply Style Link Blowout Skinny Queen on damp hair from scalp through ends.
  • Using a medium round boar bristle brush, begin to blow-dry in the nape of the neck. Work in horizontal sub-sections no larger in width than the brush. Wrap section around the brush like a roller.
  • Point dryer nozzle down and concentrate on drying the root first. Continue down to the mid-lengths and then ends. Use moderate to low elevation.   

Step 2:

  • Once hair is completely dry, use a flat iron to collapse remaining texture or curl in the hair.
  • Start in the nape, apply Style Link Heat Buffer* work flat iron through the hair, about 3-4 swipes on the base, slide flat iron down 3 inches, insert a comb and then move down in 3 inch increments.

(HACK ICON)*Style Link Heat Bufferprovides protection, polish and grip. Spray on both surfaces of hair 8-10 inches away—too close will over saturate.

Step 3:

  • Work from nape in horizontal sub-sections using a 1 ½ inch barrel curling iron.  Curl forms when cool, not while heated.
  •  After releasing, pin in place in a bricklay pattern and allow to cool.
  • When reaching the parietal ridge, work off natural parting. Curl everything in front of ear towards the face so the hair will fall forward.
  • When reaching the fringe area, pivot off the top point of fringe, work in pie-shaped sections. Alternate from pinning on-base and off-base.