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  • Texture/Opti/Thermic

    Opti. Thermic

    exothermic wave for resistant/coarse hair giving long-lasting, resilient curls.
  • Texture/Opti/Effects

    Opti. Effects

    Modern dual wave system for normal/resistant/color treated hair.
  • Texture/Opti/Smooth

    Opti. Smooth

    A treatment that helps protect, fortify, and condition the relaxed hair during the service to create soft, shiny, well-conditioned results.
  • Texture/Opti/Curl-Extra-Body

    Opti. Curl Extra Body

    Acid wave for normal, resistant & color-treated hair.
  • Texture/Opti/Curl-Variable-Action

    Opti. Curl Variable Action

    Acid wave for all hair types including color-treated.
  • Texture/Biolage/Acid-Wave

    Biolage Acid Wave

    Forms perfectly contoured waves with lasting body.
  • Oil-Wonders/Style/Volume-Rose-Collection/Volume-Rose-Mousse

    Volume Rose Mousse

    Provdes a light, nourished light and hold for supple volume
  • Oil-Wonders/Style/Volume-Rose-Collection/Volume-Finishing-Hairspray

    Volume Rose Finishing spray

    Provides continuous lift, all-over volume and shine
  • Oil-Wonders/Style/Oil-Care-Collection/Flash-Blow-Dry-Oil

    Flash Blow Dry Oil

    Gives your hair a perfectly polished look with enhanced shine and suppleness.

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