12 Easy Hairstyles For Quick Morning Getaways


Mornings are hard! There’s that report to finish, lunches to make, trains to catch, traffic to beat, a workout to complete. So a perfect hair day isn’t always an option. To fool the people into believing your easy hairstyles are intentional every time you leave home, no matter what, here are 12 hair hacks, courtesy of the pros at Matrix, designed to get you out the door quicker, and in style!

Learn the 12 Hair Hacks:

1. Detangle hair in the shower.

Wrestling with hair knots when your hair is nearly dry eats up time like crazy. And it hurts. So jumpstart the detangling process while you’re still in the shower. Shampoo, rinse, apply conditioner and comb it through with a plastic, wide-tooth comb. When you step out, gently blot your hair with a towel instead of rubbing. (Vigorous rubbing will undo all of that detangling instantly!)

2. Ponytail up.

Pull your hair into a polished ponytail. Be sure there is some volume on top, or make it super sleek. Take a minute to hide the hair elastic by wrapping it with a small section of hair. If you pay attention to these few details, your ponytail will be chic instead of sloppy.

How to do a textured ponytail: What’s cool now? A sleek ponytail with lots of texture in the tail. It’s great for “second day” hair! Start by working a volumizing hair mousse into the roots of dry hair, section by section. Spray the ends with a texturizing hair spray to give the hair texture and make it piece-y. Gather hair just below the high point of the head. Secure with a thin hair elastic, and don’t wrap it too tightly. Release a few fine pieces around your face. Apply more texturizing hair spray to the ponytail. Isolate a thin slice of hair from under the ponytail, wrap it around the hair elastic and secure your easy hairstyle with a bobby pin.

3. Pin your hair like crazy.

Recent fashion runway looks have brought bobby pins and hairclips out from the back room and into the limelight. Consider making them part of your easy hairstyle to shape, mold or tame your hair. Forget the old rules about matching bobby pins to your hair color—grab contrasting hues to make a statement!

4. Get your hair in the loop.

A simple, low hair loop takes very little time, yet it’s chic and sleek.

How to do a chic hair loop: Create a center part, apply a shine hair serum, comb it through and gather your hair into a tight ponytail at the nape. As you secure the ponytail with a hair elastic, pull your hair halfway through on the last rotation to form the hair loop. Wrap the remaining hair on the ends around the hair elastic and secure it with a few bobby pins.

5. Pre-dry hair.

Speed up your blow-dries by rough drying your hair first. Use a heat-protecting smoothing blowout cream to help tame frizz and assist in the blow dry process. Then flip your head over and hit it with the blow dryer until it’s close to 90 percent dry. Then go back, divide hair into sections and smooth each section with a hairbrush and  hairdryer. If you’re really pressed for time, just concentrate on the top sections of your hair and let the bottom sections act as support for your easy hairstyle.

6. Roll your hair up to volume.

Pop a few Velcro rollers into your hair on top to give your hair a quick volume boost. Heat each hair section first with a blow dryer, then wind the hair on the Velcro roller, away from your face. Let hair cool completely before removing the hair rollers. Finish off the look with a medium-hold hairspray.

7. Sleep on your hair done.

Save time in the morning by setting your hair at night. Work a setting hair lotion or hair cream into damp hair, divide your hair into subsections, braid or twist each subsection, secure the ends and turn the hair in. In the morning, release the braids and voila! Cool, casual waves. (The smaller the sections, the tighter the waves in your hair.)

8. Curl hair casually.

If you’re addicted to your curling iron, don’t get too fussy. Just grab random hair strands and twirl. Alternate the direction of the curls and change up the sizes of the sections. You’ll get a natural looking wave in your hair in much less time than if you had meticulously curled every single hair.

9. Quick hair crimps

Get festival-ready in no time with this hair thermal hack. Simply braid your hair in a single braid, or two or more depending on how thick your hair is. Then press the braids between the plates of your flat iron. When your hair cools, undo the braids and you’ll have an amazing crimped texture.

10. Lean on your leave-in

A leave-in conditioner is a powerful little multi-tasker that will tackle most of your hair styling goals. You’ll get instant detangling, shine, moisture and softening with one product when you work it through damp hair.

11. Embrace the messy hair bun

Another second day option, a messy hair bun is quick to do and looks cute and flattering.

How to do a messy hair bun: Begin with air-dried hair that retains your natural hair texture. Hit the roots of your hair with dry shampoo and massage it in. Gather your hair into a high ponytail. Use your fingers rather than a comb or brush to gather the hair, to preserve the texture. Place a hair elastic over the tail, twist and pull half the ponytail through. Continue twisting the ponytail into the elastic, forming the hair bun, then secure the bun at the base with the hair elastic. Pull your hair bun apart to loosen it, and tuck the ends under the hair elastic. Release a few hairs in front to frame your face.

12. Duh! Dry shampoo.

It sops up oil and debris, buys you an extra day or two without shampooing and adds volume and texture to your hair. It’s the ultimate hack for quick and easy  hairstyles!