4 Reasons To Love Dry Shampoo

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Dry Shampoo and I have a rocky history. Like most women, I wanted to love it. I longed to bask in the glorious and amazing promise of unwashed yet still, somehow, fabulous hair. I mean anything that could save the time that would otherwise be spent washing and blow drying my wild mane is helpful, right? But honestly, our relationship wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies

I first heard rumblings of dry shampoo in junior high school during those coming-of-age-years where everything is just, you know, awkward. I deemed my friends supreme beauty gurus who held the secrets to the cosmetic mysteries that plagued me. I have what’s referred to as a coarse and super dense hair type, and to top it off my natural hair is pretty dark, which for me = frizzy ends and oily roots. A sweet, helpful friend noticed my hair struggle and suggested I use baby oil to tame my frizz and baby powder to soak up the grease on my scalp. It did not go well. To loosely quote Ross from Friends "The oil and powder have mixed and created some sort of paste." I was mortified. I was also resigned to wild hair that had to be shampooed daily.

Then in my early twenties I again decided to give dry shampoo a try. After a few of my friends wouldn't shut up about how much they loved it, I bought a few different kinds. And this time it worked...kind of. They definitely absorbed the oil at my scalp, but suddenly I was now beset with what appeared to be both dandruff and dust at the same time. What was this? My blonde friends did not have these issues. Why did the hair Gods hate me? Couldn't a girl catch a break?

By this time it was the age of Google and I looked to it for answers. All my hopes and dreams were wrapped up in a feverish search of why I couldn't make it work with dry shampoo. Was I the only person in the world for whom dry shampoo wasn't a gift? I started trying tricks of my own, mainly using hairspray to conceal my unwashed hair. Again, it was okay, but it was more of a band-aid than an actual answer to a real problem.  

And then, miraculously, Matrix heard my cries of desperation. They came out with not one, not two, not even three, but four dry shampoos! I got them all for purely scientific reasons, because by now I knew I had to beta-test them before I dare take my head out in public. Over time I was amazed. Matrix waited until they had perfected the formula and blessed every hair type with a dry shampoo to help their varying needs.

Is oil your nemesis? We've got a dry shampoo for that. Do you struggle with limp and lifeless hair? We've got a dry shampoo for that. Don't like looking like you have dandruff? Cool, we've got a dry shampoo for that. Want a bit of texture? Guess what, we’ve got a dry shampoo for you too! Here’s the fantastic line up for your hair woes.

You Need To Nix Excess Oil Fast

You want :

Designed to absorb excess oil and provide a nice light natural scent, this one is for all the gals who love to hit the gym in the morning but don't want to mess with a full on blow out in the locker room. It'll make all the sweat and oil magically disappear. Or for those, like me, who tend to naturally lean on the oiler side. I reach for Clean & Recharge in the summertime when my scalp seems to turn into its teenage-self again, sweaty and awkward. Bonus points to Matrix for making the bottle pretty and sleek enough to fit in my purse for the nine months of summer we get in here Los Angeles.


You Have Flat, Limp Or Fine Hair That Needs A Lift:

Try :

A great option for hair that falls a bit flat on the second day post- shampoo— or maybe even halfway through the first. I like to pop in a few Velcro rollers in the crown and sides, spray Clean & Full at the base and let it sit while I do my make-up, drink coffee and scroll through Instagram. Before I step out the door, I take the rollers out, run my fingers through my hair and voilà: instant body and volume. No one has to know I’m rocking a three (or four) day old blowout!


You Crave More Texture:

Reach for Style Link Minerals Play Back.

This is my absolute favorite dry shampoo! The micro minerals in it give a bit more grit and they add weightless separation and texture to the hair. I love to use this when I'm feeling a bit more rock ‘n’ roll and sporting some texture. I love how it makes my hair feel clean and adds some personality to it! This works for all hair types, but is especially great to add texture to fine hair that doesn't want to cooperate and hold a style. Spritz through mid-lengths and ends for maximum texture.


You Want To Extend Your Killer Blowout

Total Results Miracle Extender:

Trust me, they aren't kidding about the Miracle part. Right away I sprayed it on my black shirt to test it and there was nothing there! No residue on my black shirt = no residue on my hair. This has a sweeter scent than the two dry shampoos we find in the Biolage line. Then best part: it can be used preventively. Apply on clean hair immediately post blow dry or style. Rather than combat existing oil, when applied early on nips the oil in the bud, leaving hair fresher longer. It works for all hair types, absorbs oil, gives a nice scent and it doesn't have a sticky residue that sometimes happens. This means if you're a hair-toucher like me you don't have to worry about getting your hand stuck in your hair. Just a simple, clean, touchable result. So now that we know all about these wonderful life savers how do we use them? As incredible as Matrix has made them, if we're not careful we can still have an embarrassing dry shampoo faux pas. The last thing I want is for anyone to be walking around with an obvious strip of dry shampoo in just one part of the head.

How To Use Dry Shampoo

  • Step 1:

    Shake dry shampoo of choice and hold at least the length of the can from the head (8-12 inches). Spray on the root starting at your part line, and divide into smaller sub sections to ensure the whole head gets product.

  • Step 2:

    Flip your head upside down to get the back using sub-sections again. Use pads of fingers or brush to comb through to disperse throughout the whole head

  • Step 3:

    Swipe on some lipstick and head out the door like the Dry Shampoo Boss that you are!

Christy Miller is color specialist who lives in Southern California with her husband and 3 boys. When she's not coloring hair or educating for Matrix she can be found watching every super hero movie ever made and wondering if she should buy that lipstick.