4 Spring Hair Trends To Jump On Right Now


Changes are coming. With the onset of longer, warmer days there’s a new mood and a new restlessness that encourages exploration, experimentation, adventure. Spring does that to folks, and spring is on its way! Hair fashionistas in the know are leading the charge with shifts in styles, cuts, care and even overall hair philosophies. Ready to shake things up? Here are four trends coming on strong for spring.


Airy, soft and feminine, a wispy bang flatters every face shape. To get your bangs to lie perfectly try this—use a fine tooth comb and a blow dryer on damp hair, Comb your bangs to the left, following the comb with the dryer. Then comb them to the right. Keep switching sides with the comb and dryer until your fringe is completely dry.


Rocking Center Parts With Low Ponytails

After many seasons of messy, tousled, IDC hair, there’s something so fresh about this look. It’s symmetrical, neat, polished and contained. Plus there’s a little bit of an Anastasia Steele vibe going on with it—who knows what lies beneath that prim exterior? To pony up to perfection, here’s a trick that celebrity stylists do all the time on film sets: mist a hairbrush with a flexible-hold hair spray before brushing the hair into place.


Going Back to Basics with Natural Origin Ingredients

Whether it’s food, clothing or the products you put on your hair and skin, it’s all about reading the labels. Right now, it’s more important than ever to fill your life with products and ingredients that are as safe as they are effective. More and more people understand that this translates into a less is more approach when it comes to choosing hair care products. They want fewer ingredients that could have a negative impact on health—meaning fewer preservatives, fewer sulfates, fewer silicones, fewer parabens and fewer artificial colorants. And they want to keep it real, with naturally-derived ingredients from plant sources with eco-friendly profiles. Ingredients like coconut oil, goji berry, quinoa and honeycomb. 

But you’re also not ready to give up the things you love about your favorite shampoo and conditioner—the heavenly fragrance, the effective-yet-gentle cleansing action, the ability to condition and smooth and tame and heal your hair. And you don’t have to! When you embrace natural origin duos like the new Matrix R.A.W. Recover Shampoo and Conditioner for stressed, sensitized hair; Nourish for dry, dull hair and Uplift for flat, fine hair, you get the performance and results you expect. Why? Because nature is powerful and science is powerful, but together? Nature + science = the most powerful (and healthy) products ever for happy, gorgeous hair!  

Embracing Your Natural Texture

We’re not suggesting that it’s time to completely give up your dryer, flat iron, rollers, hair sprays, etc.  Because sometimes a girl MUST have a fabulous blow-out or a smooth sleek ‘do or a head full of luscious, boudoir curls. But the rest of the time, give it a rest. This season, more and more trend-setting girls are doing what comes naturally. That could mean embracing your natural wave, loving your tight coils or letting your straight strands fly free and just be. 

If you’re on board with loving the hair you were born with, here are a few tips to make sure you’re making the best of what nature gave you!

If your hair is naturally curly.

Curly care is critical—it sets your curls up for natural perfection. Opt for a mild shampoo or a  low-lather cleansing conditioner that will refresh your hair and scalp without stripping away natural moisture and oils. Massage your curls gently, rinse and apply lots and lots of conditioner (thirsty curls need moisture to look their best!). Most curly girls assemble a curly conditioner arsenal for this reason—rinse out, leave-in and deep conditioners, plus conditioning crèmes and treatment oils for styling. And speaking of styling, as tempting as it may be to comb, brush, fluff or fuss with your curls—don’t. Apply your styling cream or curl-defining product and then hands-off to give your curls time to dry and settle without frizz. 


If your hair is naturally coily.

Maybe it’s time for a close crop. Consider the freedom you’ll have all summer long if you don’t have to do anything besides shampoo, condition and go! Not ready for such a drastic ‘do? Flat twist-outs are the perfect styling option for medium and long coils. Apply a moisturizer to damp hair, create small sections (small sections will hold longer so you won’t have to re-set your hair each night) and twist them together. Wrap your hair in a satin scarf and head to bed. The next morning, carefully untwist each section, and you’re good to go! 


If your hair is naturally wavy.

If your locks dry into perfectly imperfect waves…lucky you! If they’re a little more inconsistent, give them an assist by drying your hair in loose braids. For more oomph and texture, work in a salt-infused texture spray. It will rough your hair up just enough to produce natural-yet-touchable beachy movement. 


If your hair is naturally straight

Right now, straight hair has a ‘70s vibe—think vintage Cher with a center part and a curtain of glassy, flawless strands. Or, gather it up in a long, high ponytail—very Arianna Grande! For maximum impact, straight hair should be as shiny and reflective as a lacquered cabinet, and your best route to glossy perfection is lots of lightweight treatment oil, worked through from roots to ends before and after drying.

Cutting Bangs

Truly nothing changes the personality of your hair cut like freshly snipped bangs. In fact, you could go so far as to say bangs are what give your look personality, telling the world you’re whimsical or arty or sassy.  Here are four of the season’s most popular bang styles.



This rock ‘n roll style fringe begs for an acoustic guitar and a sad, sad song. But these bangs—thick, lush and brow-grazing—are anything but sad! The most flattering shape is slightly curved—it prevents your face from getting too closed-in. 



Solid or shattered, a short or baby bang puts forth a decidedly artistic vibe. If you’re ready to go all gallery girl, take a good look at your brows. Since they’ll be on display, be sure they’re full and arched to perfection.



Curly girls have traditionally been warned off of bangs, but the models on spring’s fashion runways said, “Pfffft” to that notion and paraded all manner of curled fringes. If you decide to take the plunge, be sure your stylist snips while your hair is dry to avoid a too-short result.