5 Haircut and Style Trends for Fall/Winter 2015

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Fall and winter haircut and hairstyle trends aren’t so much changing for 2015 as they are evolving. The long bob for medium length hair continues to be the trendiest look, but new textures, parts and accents like fringes are providing subtle updates. Here are five “evolutions” to watch!

A-Line Bobs

The A-line bob—a tiny bit shorter in the front than in the back—lifts this classic haircut out of the realm of  “soccer mom” and deposits it into a chic, new world.  Ask your stylist for a few long, subtle layers, suggests Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson. This will give the haircut body and movement.  Another modern touch?  Super blunt ends for a crisp perimeter shape.

Natural Curl

After years of straightening their coils, curly girls are re-embracing their natural textures.  And since curls are as unique as snowflakes, that could mean anything from tight ‘fros to bouncy spiral curls.  “No matter what shape your curls take,” comments Matrix Artistic Director Robert Santana, “they will require lots of moisture—in the forms of conditioning treatments, leave-in formulas and moisturizing styling products.  


Lived-In Hair

Hollywood “It” girls and Victoria’s Secret models are skipping the spiraled curls and relaxing into an easy new shape. They’re embracing lazy, effortless waves--achieved with a combination of long layers, undercutting to support the layers and twirling the midlengths (while omitting the ends) around a curling iron.  The hairstyle can be accomplished on short hair, medium hair and long hair.  After styling with the curling iron, break up the ends with a shine-enhancing serum and apply a texturizing spray or dry shampoo at the roots for lift and separation.

Parts With Personality

Change up your hairstyle in an instant with a part that makes a statement.  What’s hot right now?  Deep side parts that create a sultry, eye-grazing veil and Bohemian center parts that are youthful and casual.  For guys, it’s all about etched “hard parts” that punctuate a slick and crisply barbered haircut. (Keep a short haircut under control with a flexible gel or pomade.)

The Rock Chick Fringe

Inspired by ’70s-era rock mamas like Chrissie Hynde, Patti Smith and Joan Jett, long, thick, squared-off bangs put the rebel into any haircut.  “A square fringe is slightly shorter towards the temples and slightly longer towards the bridge of the nose,” says Matrix Artistic Director Dan Csicsai. “It’s most dramatic when the hair sits just below the brows.”