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5 Trendy Medium Hairstyles
5 Trending Short Hairstyles for 2016
Layered Pixie for Short Hairstyle

1. Layered Pixie

Talk about a fresh start! This cute chop eliminates dry, damaged ends—your hair will look healthier instantly! Ask your stylist to keep all the edges soft and texturized, and keep the top and fringe sections longer for feminine appeal. This short hairstyle is super easy to care for, and the layers give you tons of styling options—from smooth to tousled to slicked back. A pixie is a youthful hairstyle to begin with, and you can pile on the cool factor with an unexpected color like pastel pink, pistachio green or stormy grey!

Best for: Fine-to-medium hair that’s straight or slightly wavy.

Product tip: Nothing is as carefree as a piece-y pixie! Once hair is dry, apply a texturizing paste by rubbing it between your fingers and “pinching” it into select strands.

Curly Pixi for Short Hairstyles

2. Curly Pixie

If your curls need some control, or you’re transitioning from a straightening regimen, this is a great way to embrace your natural texture. Be sure your stylist cuts the sides and back close to your head to prevent a too-round shape.

Best for: Curly hair that is fine, medium or thick.

Product tip: Well-moisturized curls are happy curls, and happy curls mean a happy curly pixie! So always prime curls with a leave-in treatment for curly hair that will also provide curl definition and control without “crunch.”

Geometric Bob for Short Hairstyles

3. Geometric Bob

Chop, chop. This dramatic cut is all about clean lines and sharp angles. The length sits at the jaw—the better to showcase your perfect bone structure. The thick, square bangs frame your beautiful eyes.

Best for: This short hairstyle is ideal for all hair types—fine, medium or thick. It will make fine hair look thicker, and fuller hair types will provide lots of body. Straight textures produce the most dramatic shape; if your hair is wavy, you will want to smooth your strands with a flat iron.

Styling tip: To create a super sleek fringe, brush your bangs to the left and to the right in a “windshield wiper” fashion while blow drying. Tame cowlicks with a flat iron if necessary.

Product tip: The glossier the better for this look. Apply a shine-enhancing hair oil to strands before blow drying.

One Length Bob for Short Hairstyles

4. One-Length Bob

Easy meets chic in this classic shape. Lots of tousled, imperfect texture; an off-center part and dimensional hair color with shadowing at the roots keep this short hairstyle looking modern, not “mom.”

Best for: Cutting tip: Ask your stylist to snip into the ends to create movement and a fuller texture.

Product tip: Prep hair with a volumizing spray before drying to expand each strand.

Undercut for Short Hairstyles

5. An Undercut

Business on the top, party underneath? That’s the beauty of an undercut—it lets you have it both ways! For the bold and adventurous, ask your stylist to crop a section on the side or in back, leaving longer sections for contrast or camouflage.

Best for: Medium to thick hair with straight, wavy or curly textures.

Cutting tip: Because of the contrast between the cropped and longer lengths, skilled blending is essential. That’s why cutting this look is best left to professional hairstylists!

Product tip: If your longer lengths are layered, try finishing with a texturizing spray that provides hold for a modern result.

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