8 Hairstyle Ideas for Your Off-Season Wedding

light as air (1)

People who get married in untraditional months like February and March (and their guests), may be the types to steer clear of the tried and true. An emerald instead of a diamond? A midnight blue wedding gown? Standing up as best woman? Gifting the bride and groom with trapeze lessons rather than a food processor? That’s how you roll.

1. Pop the Bubbly Ponytail

What makes an ordinary ponytail pop? This sassy bubbled effect that can be smooth or backcombed for a messier, more textured look.

Do it this way: Start by curling all of your hair loosely with a 1-inch curling iron. Direct the hair away from your face. Grab all the hair above your ears (about a third) and secure just below the crown in back with a clear elastic. Wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic to hide it. Grab all of the hair in the center of your head and secure just below the previous tail. Cover the elastic as before. Then place your thumbs in the center of the hair between the two elastics and push in while arching the ends around the center to form the first bubble. Grab all the remaining hair and secure at the nape. Form another bubble above the third elastic. Depending on the length of your hair, place one or two more elastics and form one or two more bubbles.

You’ll need these: Gloss-boosting formula for shine; fine-mist finishing hair spray for hold and shine.  


2. Light as Air Updo

Up and away! Create flossy, glossy texture, then cinch it with a few dressy headbands. It’s hairstyle-meets-headpiece!

Do it this way: Gather hair in a high ponytail and secure with elastic. Tighten the tail and then loosen the hair on top in front of the tail. Slide the headband into place. Use the tip of a tail comb to pull out more hair around the sections of the headband.  Divide the ponytail into two-inch sections. Backcomb the first section, roll it forward and pin it securely into the base of the ponytail. Repeat with all of the sections of the ponytail. The more you tease the hair, the bigger the bun will be. Once the sections of the bun are secure, gently spread them apart and loosen the hair to enlarge the overall shape.

You’ll need these: Smoothing hair cream to create silky texture; hold-boosting additive; texturizing finishing spray for hold and volume. 


So naturally, when it comes to your wedding hairstyle, your instinct is to skip the classic French twist and opt for something more unexpected. Of course you know it’s still a formal (or formal-ish) occasion, and you don’t want the photos to capture a look that might cause you to squirm for the next 50 years, so it’s important to be mindful that your wedding hairstyle doesn’t veer into the outlandish zone.  Here are eight hairstyle ideas for your off-season affair that strike the perfect balance between shock and awe.

3. High and Mighty Updo

Gather up your gorgeous curls and go…directly down the aisle. This style says that you’re in charge of this affair!

Do it this way: Divide your hair in half with a u-shaped parting from temple to temple and clip away the top. Divide the bottom back and side sections into vertical subsections. Lift each subsection, twist it tightly and pin it securely below the parting. When the sides and back are pinned up, release the top and divide it into small subsections. Wrap each small section around a narrow curling iron, twisting the hair as you wind it around the barrel. Remove the iron and clip the curls to the head. When all top sections are curled, clipped and completely cool, remove the clips and carefully pull the curls apart.

You’ll need these: Blow-dry cream to add body and texture before drying; heat protection spray  to use with the curling iron; hair treatment oil to add shine to the finished curls.

4. Antiqued Braids

Delicate shades of sepia, mint and peach, winding through coiled, disheveled braids, produce a nostalgic, vintage mood.

Do it this way: Create three large braids and pull them apart to loosen and widen them. Arrange them “turban” style in the front section of your head, pinning them in place, and be sure to tuck the ends out of sight.

You’ll need this:Volume and texture hair product to add texture before braiding. 


5. Pretty in Punk Half Up Half Down Updo

You’ll set off a ripple effect of hair envy with this unique take on the half-and-halfhalf up and half down updo. A triple stacked Mohawk braid and sleek side sections provide a smooth counterpoint to explosive, zig-zag waves. Spicy cinnamon highlights jazz up the whole picture.

Do it this way: Wind small sections of hair around a ¾-inch iron or styling cone, twisting the hair as you wrap it around the iron. Once all the hair is curled, part off the top section, then divide it into three sections—one on top of the other. Twist or braid each of the three sections, then secure the stacked braids together. Slick back the side sections and secure them into the braids in the back with pins. Divide each curl in half, pinch one or two hairs at the ends with your fingers and lightly push or “ruche” the rest of the hair upward to create light, airy texture.

You’ll need these: Hair gel to control the side and top sections; volumizing hair spray for fullness and support.


6. Straight Updo With a Twist

This high twist features the unexpected. A back braid and a high pompadour make the updo a little bit sweet, a little bit street. Yeah, you’ll be THAT girl in the bridal party with this ‘do!

Do it like this: Blow dry hair smooth, creating maximum lift at the roots. Section off the front and clip away. Create a center braid with the remaining hair. Flip the braid up and secure it to the top of the head with pins. Release the front section, tease it underneath, smooth the top of the teased hair, twist it and pin it into the braid.

You’ll need these: Smoothing hair cream before blow drying to tame unruly texture; volumizing hair spray to lock in fullness.


7. Tie the Knot Bun

More casual and textured than a classic twist, this knotted hair bun sports loose ends for an untethered approach to dressing up.

Do it this way: Dry the hair with a round brush, encouraging lots of lift at the roots. Gather the hair into a high, loose ponytail and knot the tail through the elastic, allowing the ends to remain unsecured. Pinch random sections with styling hair wax or paste for additional definition.

You’ll need these: Volume-building mousse to add airy fullness to damp hair before drying; texturizing hair spray to create a modern, matte texture.


8. Pin-spiration

Who says short hair can’t be dressed up? A deep side part, artfully placed pins, piece-y texture and acid-washed citrus hair color make this look special while allowing you to remain true to your rebel self.

Do it this way: Create a part that starts at the outside corner of one eye. Apply mousse and gloss-enhancing drops and dry damp hair with a five-row styling brush directing each side away from the part. Once hair is dry, mist with a heat-protecting protection spray and press random sections with a flat iron, keeping the ends straight. On the “light” side of the part, insert long bobby pins.

You’ll need these: A gloss-boosting formula to enhance shine; a texture-building texturizing mousse; a heat protection-protecting spray to ward off thermal damage; a texturizing hair spray for texture and flexible hold.