Back To School Hairstyle Trends For Every Age


Whether you are heading to a new year of high school, your first day of classes at college, or sending your kids off to their first day of elementary school, the new school year is full of hope and promise. Of course, everyone wants to make a good first impression. Here are fun, back to school hairstyle ideas and trends from the pros at Matrix, for students of every age, and their moms!

Elementary School Hairstyles

For young boys in elementary school, short hairstyles are the best. A neat crop haircut is perfect for active boys who would rather spend those last few hours of the day playing than bathing! Opt for a classic hairstyle, with haircuts that are short on the sides and back, and parted on the side. “Never underestimate the ease of a buzz cut,” says Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson. “Kids and parents don’t want to fuss, and a buzz cut on a little boy will never go out of style!”

For those a bit older, this is the time when hairstyle experimentation starts. Moms can pick up a hair gel or paste at the salon so their young men can find new ways to express their personal style.

For the young girls, it’s all about bob haircuts, braids and natural hair texture! Medium-length bob haircuts are easier to care for than longer length bobs. Add bangs to keep the haircut neat and out of their eyes.

For every hair texture, braids serve double duty. They keep hair tidy and out of the way. A sweet side French braid will make her feel dressed up if she is going to a birthday party, or if there is a special event or performance at school.

Middle School Hairstyles

Pre-teen girls are eager to try pops of hair color via clip-in hair pieces or wash-out, semi-permanent hair color formulas. They’re also picking up mom’s flat irons and curling irons to mimic their favorite celebrities’ wavy and sleek hairstyles. “When girls become interested in using thermal hair styling tools,” says Nick Stenson, “flat irons are the best way to start because they’re easy to work with. And it’s important to use heat protectant and keep the temperatures as low as possible to avoid heat damage.”

Pre-teen boys look to musicians and sports heroes for hair inspiration. Those following their favorite bands may become interested in disheveled, longer hairstyles. “Lots of pre-teen boys think longer hair is cool,” says Stenson. “If a parent is going to indulge them in longer hair, it’s important to have a discussion about good hygiene because the longer the hair, the more frequently they must shampoo.” If hair is extremely oily, pick up a clarifying shampoo that will control the oily hair and keep the hair and scalp fresh and clean. Sporty types will be all about cropped haircuts. The best are cut close on the sides, longer on top and styled with hair gel or paste for a slightly tousled look on top.

High School Hairstyles

High school boys are interested in looking good, but they’re also practical. A good way to blend style with efficiency is a disconnected haircut—longer on top with short sides and backs. Fade haircuts are also popular. The longer top sections provide versatility—they can part it or spike it, depending on their mood.

Girls are studying all the moves of their social media heroes, and right now, that means easy wavy hair, long bob haircuts, cute pixie cuts and the newest trend—long, sleek, straight hair. High school is also the time when many girls start exploring hair color. Right now the most popular hair color trends fall into one of two categories. Natural, sun-kissed, balayage highlights keep the ease and brightness of summer going long into fall for many. And on the flip side, the more adventurous are embracing rainbow hair colors. Among the most popular hair color shades are rose gold hair color, purple hair color, burgundy hair color and shimmering, multi-tonal mermaid or unicorn hair color.

College Hairstyles

In college, it’s all about saving time and saving money. “That means lots of messy buns and half-up top knot buns or long layered hairstyles for girls,” says Stenson. Easy-to-care-for short haircuts are also popular. Think edgy, disconnected haircuts with shaved or cropped sides. Another universal university hit will be the lob or long bob haircut. Keep it at collarbone length so you can work in some heatless hair styling cream and tie it up in a knot during the day. At night, when you take it down, it will fall into gorgeous waves. Color-wise, low-maintenance hair color like balayage and ombré hair will go the distance, requiring infrequent hair touch-ups that make these hairstyles very budget friendly!

At this stage, guys want to look good, but they don’t want to look like they are trying too hard! Some form of cool facial hair contributes to this chill vibe, especially a second-day growth.

Male and female college students alike should invest in some dry shampoo to get them to those early classes on time after late night study sessions or parties!