Cute, Quick And Easy Back To School Hairstyles


Class, gym, study, sleep, repeat. School has started, and you barely have time to wolf down breakfast in the morning, let alone figure out what to do about your hairstyle. That’s ok. If you can pass algebra, you’ve got this! Here’s a roundup of quick and easy back to school hairstyles that will save you time and save your sanity.

A sassy short haircut is the ultimate timesaver. It’s easy, breezy and completely individual! A pixie haircut, or a cropped layered look, gives you unlimited styling freedom and unlimited styling versatility. A pixie cut gives off a feminine vibe thanks to feathered edges in back and around the ears. Long, layered top sections offer a wide range of style options. To keep a cropped haircut as sleek as possible, try the wrap-dry method. Apply a smoothing cream to damp hair and use a vented styling brush to wrap your hair around your head while blow drying.

Double Buns


Double the pleasure of putting your hair in a bun with a whimsical, two-buns hairstyle. You can sport playful puffs or braid each side before winding your hair into the high buns. A center part is edgy and fun or try creating a side part for a more off-kilter effect!


Soft Waves

If you do little more than control your frizz in the morning, you’re way ahead of the game. Prep damp hair with a lightweight styling crème, then grab an extra-large round brush. Place the concentrator nozzle on your blow dryer, divide your hair into large sections and stretch and smooth each one with the brush and dryer. Your locks will look polished, and your blowout should last several days. If need be, you can refresh your scalp with a few spritzes of dry shampoo on day two or three.

Twist-Out Curls


Spend an evening perfecting your naturally curly hair and the rest of the week will be a breeze. Use a butter-infused hair cream to nourish and moisturize your twists, wrap your set in a soft scarf and head to bed. In the morning, gently untwist each section. Your curls will be bouncy and touchable. Tip: it helps to start with a good haircut—one that provides a pleasantly oval silhouette and some light internal layers to keep your curls buoyant.

Beach Lob


Hair Color Credit: @iheartlizz

Soft, beachy waves and ocean-inspired blue hair color mean you don’t have to leave summer completely behind. To get the look, apply an air-dry cream designed to create tousled textures into your damp hair. Scrunch in the cream and go. If your hair is too fine to air dry, use a curling wand in the center of sections of hair to create the easy waved hair shape.

Half-Up Baby Bun


Hair Color Credit: @amberdoeshairhtx

If your bangs are driving you mad, try this cute hairstyle. Create a part that goes around your head from temple to temple, gather the top section into a ponytail far forward on your head, then wind the tail into a messy bun and pin it in place. If your hair is fine or silky, “rough it up” a bit with a hair texturizing spray before styling to help keep the bun in place and give your strands a fuller appearance.

Layered Bob


Cutting long layers and long, side-sweep bangs into your bob haircut will give you massive versatility with very little effort. You can wear this haircut smooth and sleek or you can create big, lazy waves. Plus, it’s long enough to put up into a cute, half-up ponytail or bun. Blunt ends make the cut feel fresh and new—and they do away with summer’s split ends!

Textured Messy Bun


If you have long hair or medium hair and zero time to get ready, this messy bun hairstyle saves the day. The slightly waved texture gives the look a cool vibe, so don’t worry about smoothing or perfecting your texture before you scoop up your hair. If you need to add texture, scrunch in a styling wax or paste, or use a styling wand to bend and wave your hair.

Swingy Lob


Hairstyling life becomes supremely easy when you cut your hair into a shoulder-grazing long bob with a few long layers at the ends. It’s the ultimate wash-and-wear haircut, designed to fall right into place. You can save even more time each day if you use a leave-in conditioner. These formulas don’t have to be rinsed out, they provide ongoing smoothing and conditioning to your hair, and they also help out as a styling aid, repelling frizz and providing a little bit of hold.

Pixie Cut