Easy Hair Styles for 2016 Memorial Day Weekend


Whether you’re getting ready to jet set off to the Hamptons to enjoy the beach scene, head south for the weekend to bask in the sun or hang at home and spark up your grill, Memorial Day weekend is all about fun, food and friends!

The last day of your holiday weekend is always bittersweet. Enjoy every moment! Whether you’re making the most of your day before traveling home or busy in the kitchen preparing for your big BBQ, the one thing we know is that time is of the essence. Learning where you can cut corners is key. Maybe you catered dessert to give all your homegrown love to whipping up your favorite BBQ sauce. If you wish washing your hair could fall off your to-do-list before guests arrive, look no further! Reach again for your Play Back Dry Shampoo that absorbs oil and breaks down product buildup. It is perfect for days when washing and restyling your hair is just not an option! Now you can focus on what really matters: the fun, food and friends. Enjoy!

Since most of our plans include gatherings where we’ll see and be seen, it’s essential to plan for great hair. Start the weekend off right! Kick off with a great blowout using our Matrix Style Link Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam.  This dry texture hair foam provides the perfect foundation to build on over the weekend, that way you can spend more time in the sun and less time managing your hair style. Parties are always better when you look your best! And since you’re in this weekend for the long haul, apply our new Play Back Dry Shampoo to your fresh blowout for a preventative way to stop oil before it even starts. The best part? It’s totally weightless! 

Rough Me Up Salt Spray, so take it to the next level with a cocktail of Mineral Booster. These two products combined give just enough texture and grip to secure your favorite braid. Whether it’s a French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail braid, classic or 4-strand, lived in texture is where it’s at! When you want to deconstruct your braid for a loose, organic feel—don’t worry— this product combo will give you that perfectly undone finish.

Heading to the beach on Saturday for some R&R? Wake up and go! We now have the perfect product to enhance your lived in look: my favorite from the new Minerals line, Rough Me Up Salt Infused Spray! This salt spray is a flawless way to enhance and define texture while keeping your hair soft, touchable and flexible. If the beach doesn’t factor into your plans today, you can be really good at faking it! Thanks to this product, you can rock those beach waves whether you’ve had your toes in the sand all day or in your slippers.