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10 Fall Hairstyle And Haircut Trends for 2018

Sleek and Stretched


Booty-grazing hair may not be for everyone (watch yourself in revolving doors!) but if you want to make a statement this fall, consider going long. Really long, and pin straight. Think Cher circa the ‘70s when girls used actual clothing irons to smooth their hair. These days there are all manner of flat irons that will do the job, not to mention a myriad of hair extension products that can give you the length you may lack.

Glassy Bob


Hair Color Credit: @hairgod_zito & @danitygr

Lazy waves and matte textures are giving way to glassy finishes with massive shine. The goal here is to banish every trace of frizz to achieve this glossy effect, and doing that may involve a multi-step approach to styling. Start by applying a hair smoothing formula to damp hair and stretching strands with a paddle brush and blow dryer. Then mist with heat protection spray and smooth slender sections with a small flat iron.

Shag Haircut


Inspired by iconic styles from the likes of Joan Jett and Mick Jagger, the androgynous shag haircut usually features wispy bangs and close-cropped layers. There are many variations on this short haircut—from soft and feminine to hard-edged and badass, so it’s easy to find the shag haircut that suits your style. Wear it messy, with lots of styling paste to define the layers, or smooth it to a sleek and polished finish.

Blunt Ends


Fall’s haircuts will feature stronger, bolder lines and crisply-cut ends. It’s a fresh departure from previous seasons, when cuts were frayed and shattered. It’s also a great strategy for snipping off ends that may have been split and damaged by hair color, thermal styling tools or too many hours at the beach. With blunt ends, your hair will look super healthy and strong.

Equestrian Ponytail


This season’s high ponytails are XL (extra-long) and XS (extra shiny). Perched perfectly on the crown of your head, they swing with saucy attitude as you prance like a confident show pony. When a ponytail is this elegant, it’s all about the details, including smoothing your tail to perfection, and covering the elastic with a section of your own glossy mane.

‘80s Blowout


The ‘80s had its share of crazy hairstyles, but many still look back on those big, bouncy blowouts with fondness, and perhaps even longing. Well pine away no more—this season, voluminous, bodacious blowouts are making a comeback. So grab your volume-building mousse, large round boar bristle brush and blow dryer and get busy! For maximum boost at the roots, direct each section in the opposite direction it will fall as you blow dry, then flip it back into place.

Angled Bob


Hair Color Credit: @hairgod_zito

Here’s a young and modern approach to a short haircut. An angled bob is longer in the front and shorter in back—the longer the front pieces, the edgier the overall short haircut will look. This haircut works with choppy ends, but the drama really emerges when the ends are blunt and clean. A simple short haircut like an angled bob can really be enhanced by standout hair color, like cornflower blue with mauve ombré accents.

Lopped Lob


Hair Color Credit: @saripaints

Long bobs with lazy waves have been the go-to looks for on-trend girls for several seasons and the update this fall is simply a shorter silhouette. Think jaw- or neck-grazing instead of collarbone length.

Use a flat iron rather than a curling iron to create these waves—the shape will be more casual and better suited to a short haircut. Divide your hair into 1 ½-inch vertical subsections. Insert the flat iron on a diagonal, about three inches below the scalp. Rotate the iron away from the face, while sliding it down the strand. Release the hair without winding the iron through the ends. The ends should kick outward rather than curling under.

Statement Bangs


Hair Color Credit: @haileymahonehair

Chunky, squared-off bangs are the quickest way to update a lob or longer-length hair. The contrast in lengths produces instant, rock-chick chic. If your bangs don’t air-dry well, try this quick trick. When hair is still slightly damp, grab a cushioned styling brush and a blow dryer. Brush your bangs all the way to the right, following the brush with the dryer. Then brush them all the way to the left, following the brush with the dryer. Repeat this “windshield wiper” technique until your hair is dry and your bangs lie flat.

Bejeweled Braids and Twists


Hair Color Credit: @detrashalee

Time to raid the jewelry box! With sparkling brooches, gold cuffs and silver beads, braids and twist hairstyles are getting the accessory treatment. There are hundreds of ways to expand, braid, coil, knot and twist hair right now, and with jeweled embellishments, every one of these hairstyles becomes completely individual. Use your imagination and search for precious gems, metals and other unexpected materials to make a style statement.


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