10 Trendy Fall Hairstyles & Haircuts


The arrival of the pumpkins is the giveaway. Pumpkin candles, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin hand sanitizer—it can only mean one thing. Summer is winding down and fall is here. Are you contemplating a fall hair style update to mark the new season, pumpkin? Here are ten ideas for autumn newness.

Credit: @stevieenglishhair

Some are slinky, some are squiggly. Mix up your waves this season for the perfect easy, tousled hair style. To achieve variation in your waves, alternate the direction of each section—some forward, some back—and try using different tools such as a flat iron and a curling iron. You can also find styling wands that come with a variety of attachments to form a variety of shapes. Use them all!

Voluminous Pixie Cut


Credit: @haircolorkilla

The classic pixie haircut goes next level with a crown of perfectly coiled copper curls. Close sides with fullness on top is a great shape for a fuller face. Set curls with a moisturizing curl butter that will define hair while leaving it touchable.

70s Bangs


Credit: @alfredo_lewis

With mad respect for 70s hair goddess Farrah, these retro bangs are perfectly feathered and flipped out. Paired with loose, modern beach waves and polar blonde hair color, this look masters a retro reference in a thoroughly modern way. Keep cool platinum blonde hair color free of unwanted yellow tones with regular use of a purple shampoo or purple hair mask.


Deep Side Parts

Credit: @Constancerobbins

All summer long it was all about the middle, as in center parts that evoked a Boho glow. Now however, it’s time to pick a side. A deep side part infuses any hairstyle with instant glamour—it probably has something to do with how the “long” side sweeps over one eye, forcing you to play a flirty game of peek-a-boo. A crisp side part will draw eyes to your scalp like crazy, which means if you have colored hair, the new growth will be more noticeable than with a messy center part. So keep up your salon touch-up appointments on the regular.

Angular Bob Haircut


Credit: @maayanbirnstein

Change up your silhouette this season with a bob or lob haircut that’s shorter in back and longer in front. It has the effect of framing your face and transforming a soccer-mom ‘do into something edgy. To move the shape even further from the suburban zone, have your stylist snip into the ends to create a fractured line and add a few deep waves for modern texture. Scrunch a styling cream into the waves for definition and separation.

Finger Waves


Credit: @mustafaavci

This isn’t a new look, but every once in awhile finger waves are reborn and become fresh once again. This season, while all the other girls are wandering around with been-there-done-that beach waves, show up sporting some sleek, deep, pillow-y finger waves. Placement is key—you want that sultry s-shape right over one eye. When creating these waves, use a lightweight, flexible hair spray to keep hair glossy and lock down the shape.

Anything But Ordinary Ponytails


Credit: @mustafaavci

Forget the skinny little tail you fall back on those mornings when the alarm doesn’t go off. Instead, work that pony into something truly grand! Start with texture—waves, curls or crimps. Then tease and fluff until the tail is as massive as it will go. Next is contrast—pair a big, textured pony with sleek, shiny hair on top. Use a treatment oil or styling gel to keep these strands under control. Finally, cover up the ponytail elastic with a statement piece such as a wide metal cuff or a slender string of pearls!

Curly Shag Hairstyle


Credit: @cristianchiffi

Add a few layers and some soft bangs to your curly haircut and you’ll be sporting the 2019 version of the classic shag—one that will leave your curls bouncy and airy. To style, prep your hair with a curl-enhancing product, twist small sections to define the curl shape and air-dry or use a diffuser. Once your hair is completely dry, put a bit of styling oil on your fingertips and separate the curls.

Blunt Jawline Bob


Credit: @evalam_

This cut is like a do-over for fall. It gives you the opportunity to chop off your dead, damaged, summer-stressed ends and emerge with chic, healthy hair. A blunt bob is perfect for fine hair because it makes it look fuller. If you have thick hair, your stylist might want to thin out some of the hair underneath to keep the shape streamlined. You can adjust this hairstyle for every face shape. For example, if your face is long, go for a jawline length; if your features are on the round side, let the length extend beyond the jaw. As part of your post-summer rehab program, treat your hair to a weekly, deep conditioning mask to add moisture and shine.

Layered Lob


Credit: @joanieguaystyliste3ducatrice

If you’re looking for an update for your beloved lob, ask your stylist to add a few long layers. The shorter pieces will give your hair cut a whole new shape, with lots more volume. A shadow root with light highlights is the perfect hair color strategy for this hair cut—it plays up the movement and body in the shape.

Combination Waves