16 Hair Color Ideas For The New Year


New year, new you. What better way to kick off 2019 than with a hair color change? The great thing about hair color these days is you can do a little, or you can do a lot, depending on where your mood takes you. Whether you’re dreaming of some trendy balayage highlights, a purple hair extravaganza or a striking red hair design, here are 16 hair color ideas that can transform your natural blonde hair or brown hair into something truly special. There’s something new for every month of the year!

Hair Color Credit: @cbensonhair

Transform your bob haircut into something memorable with this wintery mint and iced grape color combination. The unique, “peek-a-boo” design places darker panels underneath the mint and offers a variety of effects, depending upon how you style your hair!

Hot Pink Hair


Hair Color Credit: @asil

Can’t get enough pink? This vibrant hair color should satisfy your appetite for rosy hues! Talk to your hairstylist about using vibrant, demi-permanent hair color formulas that last and also offer conditioning benefits.

Dusty Lavender Hair


Hair Color Credit: @amandaepsteinhair & @nickiwildflower

The secret to fashion hair colors is to blend a variety of tones for natural-looking highs and lows. Here, it’s a mélange of violet, lilac and lavender that play off each other in a lively and realistic way. To keep fine, color-treated hair, like these pastel hair colors, looking full and vibrant, use a lightweight, oil-free, gel-based conditioner.

Gemstone Hair Colors


Hair Color Credit: @al_chabot

Hello emerald. Hi sapphire. How’s it going, pink ruby? You may not have the budget to sport these precious gems on your earlobes or fingers, but you can certainly incorporate them into your hair color! Try a single jewel tone or create a jewel-box blend. Keep your precious color bright by dialing down the temperature on your hair styling tools. Or, apply a conditioning styling crèmeand experiment with air-dried hair styles.

Cotton Candy Color Melt


Hair Color Credit: @hair_by_love

If you think you’ve tried every hair color shade under the sun, it’s time for something truly unique. This cotton candy ombré combines fuchsia, bubblegum pink, blue and teal in a striking color melt hair look. Not sure if you can pull it off? The new Matrix Virtual Try-On Tool lets you test drive every shade and every palette.

Pink Pearl Metallic Hair Color


Incandescent pearl meets rose gold in this stunning, flattering hair color mash-up. It features a deeper root and pale ends, and the result is as delicate as a rose petal. According to Matrix color pros, the slight metallic finish is what makes this hair color completely on-trend!

Opalescent Blonde Hair Color


You’ve been buttery blonde, platinum blonde and balayage blonde. Now there’s a new blonde hair color in town and it’s stunning. Opalescent, cool white tones create an ethereal effect that’s almost otherworldly. To achieve this clean, white blond hair color, it will be necessary to get your natural hair as light as possible before overlaying the final demi-permanent hair color tones. Have your stylist add a bond repair product to your color formulas to prevent hair breakage and damage.

Silvery Ash Brown Hair Color


This shade is #hairgoals for anyone with brown hair! An artful combination of pearly and smoky grey and brunette tones brings this brown hair color up to a whole new level of sophistication. It’s a gorgeous shade if you have cool-toned skin and green or blue eyes—the combination will be intensely striking!

Metallic Unicorn Hair Color


This isn’t grade-school unicorn—it’s an “all grown up” blend of muted and sophisticated quartz, peach, berry violet and sapphire hues. The result is subtle hair color that will cast a soft and lovely glow on every complexion!


Natural Balayage

Hair Color Credit: @frances_hairartist

This lovely neutral shade of beige highlights adds incredible dimension and sophistication to chocolate brown hair. Not too warm, not too cool—it’s just right! The beauty of balayagehighlights is they can be applied lightly or heavily, depending on the desired effect. Here they’re applied in wide panels to frame the face and brighten the overall hair color.

Balayage And Babylights


Hair Color Credit: @omareskini8

For the ultimate in blended highlights in brown hair, upgrade your look with a combination of balayage highlights and babylights. The thicker, hand-painted balayage lights “live” on the mid-lengths and ends, while the finer babylights are placed off the part and around the face for a beautiful glow. Keep your hair silky and frizz-free with a daily, moisturizing leave-in tonic that also strengthens locks.

Metallic Rose Gold Hair


Hair Color Credit: @constancerobbins

Rose gold hair color can skew toward a peachier warm tone, or a cooler rose tone. This one falls into the latter category, thanks to its polished, metallic  sheen.

Salsa Red Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @hairbymarcofellner

Jazz up your red hair color with copper and yellow. The result is as spicy as extra-hot salsa. Auburn hair color “anchors” the look at the roots, while the lighter shades serve as ombré accents.

Cranberry Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @jaymz.marsters

Red hair color gets a juicy twist with this cool red hue. It’s perfect for a natural redhead who wants to intensify her hair color, or a natural brunette in search of something unique and vibrant. Keep rich hair color like this on-tone and healthy with shampoos and conditioners that prevent premature faded hair color.

Rosé Ombré


Hair Color Credit: @juliocolor

Toast the beauty of your beige blonde hair with a splash of rosé! Sparkling pink ombré highlights provide a subtle and cheerful pop of unexpected color. Keep your color looking fresh with a leave-in, shine-enhancing spray designed for color-treated hair.

Snow Queen Color Melt


Hair Color Credit: @bohobrushed

Periwinkle blue melts into silver in this unique color blend that evokes the cool drama of a Northern winter sky. Use a brass-neutralizing mask to keep your cool tones icy and free of unwanted brassy orange hair tones.

Iced Mint Hair Color