How To Style Your Short Hair


Here are some great things to keep in mind when styling short hair. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s incredibly chic, and so much more versatile than you think. Need proof? Here are some ways to style your short hair.

1. Pixie Haircut

2. Bob Haircut

How to Style a Pixie Haircut

Sweep It.

A side part is sultry and alluring on long hair and it’s also the case if you rock short hair.

Get the look:

1. When your hair is damp, apply a hair styling cream that will control frizz if you have thick hair, or a volumizing mousse if you have fine hair.

2 Using the deep side part as your starting point, use a cushioned, vented styling brush to “wrap dry” your hair by keeping it close to your head, and following the shape of your head with the brush and blow dryer.

Once your hair is dry, work a small amount of hair styling gel or paste into your fingertips, and pinch the hair around your hairline to detail and control the shape.



Boost It

The longer sections at the top of a pixie cut let you get creative. For example, you can add loads of hair texture and lift in this area to enliven your short hairstyle.

Get the look:

1.Apply hair styling gel to damp hair.

2.Using a small vented styling brush and a blow dryer, brush the side and back sections into place. Keep working until these sections are dry.

3.Move to the top section, using your hands to lift the hair at the roots as you dry.

4.Once the top section is dry, work in a firm-hold styling paste, concentrating on the roots and then diffusing it out to the ends, to create separation and lift.

5.Once you’ve locked in the shape, hit your roots with a firm hold hairspray.


Band It

Who says you can’t add cute hair accessories to a pixie cut? You can, and you should! Try criss-crossing bobby pins on one side, or sweeping back the longer top sections and clipping them in place with a few small barrettes. Or, slide on a headband (or a tiara if you’re looking for a bridal or bridesmaid hairstyle.)

Get the look:

1.Apply volumizing gel or mousse to damp hair.

2.Use your fingers and blow dryer to direct the sides and back sections into place.

3.Once the back and sides are dry, move to the top of your head. Divide the crown into small subsections. Lift each subsection up and away from your face, and dry each one, concentrating on lifting the roots in order to create hair volume on top. Volume helps balance a headband nicely!

4.Finish by directing the front section forward, towards your face.

5.Mist with humidity-resistant hairspray.


How to Style a Short Bob Haircut

Curve It

Bob haircuts are typically straight and geometric. Throw your bob hairstyle a curve for French girl panache!

Get the look:

1.Apply hair styling cream or volumizing mousse to damp hair.

2.Divide your hair from ear to ear across the back and clip away the top.

3.a small vent styling brush and a blow dryer to dry the bottom in sections. Keep the hair close to your head and follow the curve of your head.

4.Begin releasing horizontal sections above the first section. Switch to a small or medium round brush and dry each section. Direct the hair down toward your neck.

5.Work up the sides and through the top with your round brush.

6.Once your hair is dry, mist it with a flexible hairspray for a smooth, frizz-free finish.


Bend It

Effortless, rumpled hair waves give your bob haircut an instant update!

Get the look:

1.Apply heat protection spray to dry hair.

2.Divide your hair from ear to ear across the back and clip away the top.

3.Divide the bottom into large vertical sections.

4.Place a large (1 ½ inch or 2 inch) curling iron into each section, about 2 inches from the scalp.

5.Wrap the bottom of the section around the iron. Hold, release and pull down on the end of the just-curled section.

6.Work around each section and then up your head, curling in this manner. Alternate the direction of the curls (some forward some back) to produce a natural-looking wave pattern.

7..Curl all the hair around your face back and away from your face.

8.Once all the hair is curled and cool, vigorously tousle with your fingers.

9.Mist all strands with a texturizing spray and tousle again to blend.


Adorn It

Need a special bride or bridesmaid hairstyle? It’s totally possible to create an updo for short hair!

1.If your hair is straight, mist with a thermal setting spray, then use a large curling iron to create a loose, wavy hair texture.

2.Lift the sections on top and backcomb to create hair volume.

3.Create a small section of hair at your temple, draw it back and secure with a bobby pin in the center of your head.

4.Continue grabbing and pinning random sections on each side, until all of the hair is secured and you’ve formed a small bun. Gather the hair so it drapes loosely.

5.Use a curling iron to curl any strands that drop out in back or around the face.

6Accessorize if desired!