Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas Picks The Hottest Hair Trends Of The Golden Globes


The first major awards show of the season often sets the tone for beauty trends, and this year at the Golden Globes, several exciting hair trends emerged. According to Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas, four key looks are worth, well, a second look!

1. Sleek, Asymmetric Bobs with Deep Side Parts 

George says: “This cut is sleek, swingy, modern and youthful, and the deep side part makes it more ‘high fashion’ and less ‘soccer mom.’ Ask your stylist to snip into the tips for a roughed up effect—this keeps the cut slightly edgy. It’s a great cut for fine hair—it gives the illusion of more fullness. Prep damp hair with a volumizer like Matrix Total Results Amplify Volumizing Foam before drying for lasting fullness and touchable thickness.


2. Sleek Chignons 

George says: “These sleek, polished upstyles are the perfect expressions of Hollywood glamour. To create this high gloss look, a protective Treatment is indispensable. Apply a small amount at the root area and brush it into the hair before slicking strands back into a chignon.” 

3. Blurred Lines Ombré 

George says: “This is the newest, chicest evolution of the ombré haircolor trend—rich chocolate brunette at the base gently melting into a creamy finish. Talk to your stylist about creating this soft blending effect—I achieve it by backcombing the hair to the midshafts and applying the lighter color below the backcombed sections. This technique truly redefines ombr é.” 

4. Honey Blonde 

George says: “I’m obsessed with this shade of blonde—it’s luscious, rich and cool, and it looks really expensive. Talk to your stylist about achieving the look with balayage highlights—this is the most modern, natural-looking highlighting technique. The lightener is hand-painted onto strategic points of the hair rather than placed in foils, and the result is organic—as if the sun had naturally lightened the hair. It’s also important to treat color-treated hair with care to prevent premature fading.


For those of you who would like to request this color at your local salon, George breaks it down for your stylist here! Color  Base: 1 oz. Matrix Color Sync 6N + 1 oz. 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer  Highlights: 2 scoops Matrix Light Master + 2 oz. 30 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer  Gloss: 1 oz. Matrix Gloss Sync Clear + 1 oz. Gloss Sync 9V + 2 oz. 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer  (Alternative gloss formula for a warmer finish: 1 oz. Gloss Sync 9N + ½ oz. Gloss Sync 9G + ½ oz. Gloss Sync 9CG + 2 oz. 10 Volume MATRIX Cream Developer)  Apply base color to regrowth. Process up to 20 minutes, rinse, cleanse, condition and dry the hair. Divide the hair into large horizontal sections. Backcomb each section to produce a fine slice at the end of the section. Apply the highlight formula to the ends in a v-shape, with the point of the v--and the heaviest concentration of product--at the ends. Lighten to pale yellow, process at room temperature. Cleanse and towel dry. Apply gloss formula scalp to ends. Process accordingly, rinse, cleanse and condition using your favorite Matrix Biolage or Total Results™ shampoo and condition.  Style  • Apply whipped mousse to the scalp area for volume and lift.  • Apply oil treatment to midlengths and ends.  • Blow hair dry with a large round brush to create body and movement.  • Divide dry hair into large vertical sections. Wrap the lower half of each section around a 1 ½-inch curling iron, directing the hair away from the face.  • Remove the iron, leaving the curl shape intact.  • Once the hair is completely cool, gently rake through with fingers to blend the sections.  • Mist with fast-drying hair spray.  To find a Matrix hair salon that offers these products near you, visit our Salon & Product Finder