The Top 10 Blonde Hair Color Trends This Summer


In Hollywood, it seems as if every celebrity, regardless of her born-with-it haircolor, transforms into a blonde at least once. And why not? Everyone should experience the blonde lifestyle at some point in their lives. It could turn out to be a temporary fling or it may just become a lifelong habit. So whether you’re flirting with the idea of embracing blonde haircolor, or you’re a long-time practicing blonde, here are 10 top blonde haircolor trends to help inspire your summer hue!

Golden Blonde Hair Color

Hair Color Credit: @Frances_HairArtist

Here’s a fabulous blonde “cheat” if you have natural brunette hair color. Ask your hairstylist to lighten the center and ends a shade or two and then create a light blonde face-framing section on each side. You’ll get the illuminating effect of blonde haircolor without the full commitment. Plus, says Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas, the streak offers ‘60s retro flair that’s perfect with bronzed skin, cat eyeliner and lavish lashes!

Surfer Blonde Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @tamiramae

Spend three months at the beach, riding the waves and playing in the sunshine, and this is the haircolor you’ll get. You say the only surfing you’ll be doing this summer is on the web at your desk? That’s too bad, but your hair doesn’t have to miss out. Simply ask your stylist for a gorgeous blend of wheat and almond highlights for a stunning, sun-kissed hue.


Hair Color Credit: @HeatherPizzulliHair

As sunny and friendly as a golden retriever, this warm blonde haircolor is ideal if you have a warm skin tone and green or brown eyes. To prevent this shade from appearing too yellow, Matrix pros like to combine creamy neutral highlights along with warm golden highlights. The result is flattering and makes your complexion glow!

Iced Raspberry Blonde Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @pati.rodrigz

Metallic hair color has taken the hair fashion world by storm. It’s the grown-up version of pastels and thanks to the massive shine, it slays! If pastel pink is just a little too young for your taste, consider this sophisticated silvery raspberry shade as a toner for your blonde haircolor. To coax even more shine out of your haircolor, shampoo and condition with natural origin, sulfate- and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners that are expressly designed for color-treated hair.

Smoky Lilac Blonde Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @cristianchiffi

The color purple, in all its versions—from pale lavender to deep grape—is trending big-time this summer, and so are all shades of grey. Combine cool lilac and smoky grey/blonde in a creative color melt and it adds up to a seriously on-trend hue. The cool, smudged color at the base serves as a brilliant anchor for the gauzy, pale purple ombré effect on the ends. This haircolor really makes the most of braids and beachy waves!

Biscuit Balayage Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @southmarksouth

Dark blonde hair + light biscuit balayage  highlights = cool summer perfection. This shimmering balayage hair color is as refreshing as a dip in the ocean. Like most balayage hair color designs, a deeper root—here in a dark, sandy blonde tone—melts into lighter, pearly ends. Keep this shade cool all summer long, with no unwanted brassy tones, by using a purple shampoo formulated specifically for blonde haircolor once or twice a week.

Titanium Blonde Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @shaghair

Here’s paler than pale blonde haircolor with a steely, high-tech sheen thanks to subtle silver highlights intermingled with platinum haircolor. Achieving this extreme and dramatic shade will require an investment in time and money because it’s essential to put your hair in the hands of a professional. It also requires TLC once the haircolor work is complete. Matrix pros recommend regular use of a three-step rehab regimen that repairs the bonds that are impaired by intense haircolor services.

Glacier Blonde Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @mslameylynn

You’re one cool kitty and for you, blonde haircolor can never be cool enough. Matrix pros’ advice for you? Ice, ice baby! Tone your pale blonde hair with a glacial hue and you’ll finally have the cool haircolor of your dreams. To get the look, hairstylists simply mix a dot of vivid blue haircolor with a clear formula for a result that’s sheer and fresh as an ice floe!

Rose Quartz Ombré Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @caitlintyczka

In a perfect world, you could rock the gorgeous metallic rose quartz haircolor you’ve been eyeing on Instagram, while still maintaining your beloved blonde shade. Welcome to a perfect world! Matrix pros use lovely, creamy blonde as a base shade and then add gently blended rose quartz ombré highlights as high-impact accents. The result is cool and sweet like ice cream. When styling your lovely ombré haircolor, be sure to keep the temperature of your styling iron in the low-to-medium range. Too-high heat settings cause delicate haircolor shades to fade prematurely.

Vanilla Cream Balayage Hair Color


Hair Color Credit: @dancsicsaihair

Pale blonde balayage tips on curly hair? Summer just found a new “it” look. For the ultimate in creamy blonde perfection on dark curly hair, according to Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor, leave the roots dark for lots of depth and dimension. Place the highlights on the midlengths and ends, starting with a medium shade in the center that gradually morphs into pale blonde tips. Keep colored curly hair supple and well-moisturized with overnight hair masks formulated expressly for textured hair.

Blonde Streak Hair Color