6 Ways To Support Your Stylist Right Now


We’re all waiting impatiently for our salons to reopen. In the meantime we’re hiding our roots under scarves and hats, gathering our split ends into messy buns and hacking away at our bangs with nail scissors. But our discomfort is nothing compared to what our stylists are experiencing—namely zero income and uncertain financial and professional futures. These are the folks who give us the confidence to walk out the door each morning (when walking out the door was still a thing), which is essential work if you ask us. So how can you help these important individuals hang tight until they can get back to work, and get back to doing our hair? Here are six ways to support your stylist right now.

Make A Donation To The Professional Beauty Association Covid Relief Fund

At the onset of the COVID pandemic, the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) got busy really fast, establishing the PBA Relief Fund for beauty professionals. This fund supports the licensed beauty professionals who have not been able to work or are experiencing financial hardships due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Lots of concerned beauty product companies are sponsoring the Relief Fund, including Matrix and Biolage.

To show them your support you can donate today. Then, send the link to all your friends so they can donate too! It’s a small price to pay the person who does your highlights so masterfully, your own father thinks you’re still a natural blonde.

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Book Now for Better Hair Later

If your stylist is accepting appointments for the near or not so near future, get on her books, pronto. Two reasons. First, once restrictions are lifted, the surge of people trying to get into the salon will look like the battle scenes in Braveheart, so it’s smart to reserve your spot. Second, having a full book will help your stylist breathe a sigh of relief knowing there’s income on the horizon. Even better, if you’re able to, why not pay in advance for the upcoming service? Goodness knows your stylist could use the help sooner than later.

Buy A Salon Gift Certificate

Again, two reasons for this. First of all, the money will definitely help your salon pay the bills while it has to remain closed to customers. And second, there are bound to be friends and family members in your circle whose incomes have been impacted by this pandemic, who may be forced to eliminate beauty from their budgets for a time. Imagine how far a gift certificate for a haircut and hair color will go in helping someone get back out into the world and back to work when this is all over.

Pick Up Some Hair Products From Your Stylist

Many salons are offering e-commerce, mail order and/or curbside pickup for the products they sell in the salon. Revenue from these sales provide much needed income during shutdowns. And here’s something you may not know. Many product companies are offering affiliate programs, which means if you order your shampoo or conditioner or hair spray from their websites, they’ll automatically send a portion of that sale to your stylist if they’ve signed up for the program.

This is a great time to try to indulge in some relaxing self-care with, say, a deep-conditioner or moisturizing hair mask. You may not be able to get into the salon to have your hair color done right now but that doesn’t mean your hair can’t stay soft and healthy. If you’re not sure which products to buy, reach out to your stylist and ask her to point you in the right direction—because who knows your hair better?

Follow and Share On Social Media

Instagram and Facebook are the modern billboards for stylists—it’s where they display their work, attract new clients and share news about promotions and specials. Follow, like and share to help them build their business.

Post A Review

Now is not the time to keep the love you have for your stylist and your salon to yourself. Share props for the fantastic scalp massage, delicious lemon water or online booking options that make your salon experience special. Display photos of the last time you got a fresh balayage and beach waves to show off your stylist’s mad skills. Helping your stylist lock in new clients with positive reviews is one of the very best gifts a happy customer can give.