Take A Powder

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Ahhh. Long days, lots of sunshine, warm breezes. Summer is sweet. It’s also sticky—just ask your hairstyle! Is it possible to avoid a warm weather hairstyle meltdown? Absolutely, say the pros from Matrix. Here are two of their best “dry” ideas.


When temperatures rise, oil glands get busy, leading to strands that may be greasier than normal. Add to that your own perspiration from your active summer lifestyle and…yuk. Hair becomes oily and dirty way too soon after shampooing! If you prefer to spend the summer celebrating life rather than washing your hair, soak up grease in a flash with a dry shampoo. It lifts oil from the scalp, absorbs dirt and product build-up, and leaves hair looking and feeling revived. Step away from the shower.  Here’s the best way to shampoo—no water required:

    1. Comb or brush through your hair to distribute oils evenly.

    2. Start at the top of your head, create a center part and spray lightly along the part, holding the dry shampoo an inch or two from your head.

    3. Make another part about a few inches away and repeat.

    4. Continue creating parts and spraying on each side of the original part until you reach your ears on each side. 

    5. In the back, start at the crown of your head, create a horizontal part and spray.  Continue parting and spraying to the bottom of your head.

    6. Gently massage the powder into your scalp, as if you were lathering up your shampoo.

    7. Wait a few minutes to allow the powder to absorb the excess oil and dirt.

    8. Brush through to remove all of the powder.  Flip your hair upside down and brush through once more.

    9. Style and get going!


Steamy temps can cause hairstyles to droop prematurely. After exposure to heat and humidity, the perky ‘do you created in the a.m. can appear limp and lifeless by lunch time.  The perfect summer pick-me-up?  Try a powder volumizer like Stylelink Height Riser Volumizing Powder!Apply it directly to roots for lift, or rake it through dry hair for extra texture and separation where needed.  The “magic dust” won’t build up, flake or weigh hairstyles down, and hair never feels stiff or sticky. 

Matrix Artistic Director Ammon Carver offers this strand-boosting tip: “Spray Clean Remix Dry Shampoo on the roots, then sprinkle on a little Mega Dust and rake it through to the ends,” he advises. “You’ll get amazing lift, volume and matte separation; hair will be easier to style, and it won’t look or feel oily or dirty.”

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